Supergun recommendations for a novice

I’m doing preliminary research on this, but wanted opinions on a top-notch supergun. Preferably looking for something enclosed and relatively clutter-free, compact, easy to setup/use, etc. I was thinking this Windy Gaming Supergun Model ATP-300 would be suitable and I could even use my Neo Geo joystick controllers. I would hook it up to a CRT or occasionally to my HDTV (direct or via OSSC I suppose).

Any recommendations along these lines? Thanks.

Maybe others could speak with more knowledge but the warning on the gscartsw page makes me think there’s something wrong with the video output on the Windy Gaming superguns.

There’s a long discussion in there I’ve begun reading. Not sure who/what is to blame, but the Windy website states:

WARNING: This item is not compatible with the GSCART switch as it cannot handle JAMMA audio and using these two items together could result in failure of the switch itself.

I’m not ruling this out if it otherwise works well (don’t own/plan to own a gscart). The disclaimer on the shmups thread may have been updated more recently than the site, appears to be worded differently and implying that all superguns may be a problem.

SUPERGUN WARNING: I had multiple units for the repair because of supergun damage. Whatever they do with supergun video/audio output – it’s wrong. I don’t own that thing and I don’t plan to look into it. I always stress that modded consoles are unsupported. In this particular case I won’t provide any support regarding supergun damage. You’ve been warned.

Did some searching and found this as I was typing:

The HAS is compatible with gscartsw. The issue discussed over at the shmupsforum was caused by improper setting of the audio, basically the JAMMA amplified audio was output directly to gscartsw.

The HAS attenuates the audio. However, just like the Windy Gaming supergun, it also gives you possibility to use JAMMA amplified audio. The difference is that in practice it’s impossible to switch to amplified audio by mistake, you’d really need to try hard, because the HAS uses two jumpers to set the audio level, instead of a simple switch.

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I have limited knowledge on superguns but after researching building my own consolized MVS and reading about the windy issues with the gscart/reading your post above it sounds like the windy is sending the raw un-attenuated audio right off the jamma pins

Yeah, from my reading of the discussion, the audio voltages from the Windy supergun was to blame, as the HAS and also cheaper superguns like the Retroelectronik one (that i have) are both compatible with the gscart.

I like the Retroelectronik supergun. It works perfectly, and its easy to use, but then again, its the only one ive used.

Having gone over it, using arcade PCBs is never a ‘console’ type experience, it always needs some set up so in the end I decided it’s fine to have a few wires around.

The all in ones would be more convenient but less flexible probably? I use a Retroelectronik too.

I have a supergun made by a user (RGB) over on the Arcade-Projects forums (HAS v3). It’s works very well.

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I’m on the waiting list for the next batch myself.

I was looking for something fully enclosed because it’d be out int he open, and pretty much entirely pre-built too! I had my eyes set on JNX’s units but he’s busy with fulfilling CMVS orders and wouldn’t be able to do any until end of/next year (his CMVS units are top-notch if anyone is in the market for one).

Looking into it a bit more I went with the Windy because it’s the thing that’s readily available and most closely matches what I was looking for. There is the audio concern but I don’t have a gscart and regardless it will work properly with the gscart if the audio toggle is on the right setting – one would just have to be careful not to flip it. But as far I understand, all superguns have the potential to blow up the gscart – some others just make it harder for that to happen.

Thanks all for your input. If this doesn’t work out (or ends up burning down my place), I’ll look into the Retroelectronik. That looks like a really cool unit with a lot of support for add-on parts.

Congrats. Post pics of it when it comes!

Got this a couple of days ago. Tested it out with a Pandora multigame board and it works well, although quite dark on my BVM and with some distortion along the top of my other CRTs (serration pulses in the sync signal?)… but I attribute that to the board itself and not the supergun. Also took a good amount of fiddling in the OSSC’s settings to get a steady signal that wouldn’t cut out. Runs well now!


Congrats Mega!

Pandora’s suck so yeah probably just that that has issues.

Yup and it’s a bootleg of a bootleg too! (an “unofficial” 5S variant)… It has screen tearing and a nasty amount of video noise that thankfully the OSSC hides well with its hybrid scanline filter. If such a thing is possible I’d be all over an Everdrive-quality multigame board…

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@Mega You should look into the Darksoft multi-CPS2 board mods.

I have an 18-in-1 CPS2 board (it’s weird and awesome, and I haven’t seen another one in the wild in person, and can’t even really find any info about it online, but can vouch for their quality 100% if you come across one!)

Thanks, I’ll keep those options mind!

@Mega Sorry to necrobump, but how is your supergun working out for you? I may be in the market for one too and Windy is the only one I’m seeing easily purchasable online.

I haven’t used it much lately but it worked fine. But I also wouldn’t recommend it on the advice I’ve read of others since then. There may be compatibility issues between some popular switches (gscart), OSSC and certain TVs. Some also blame it for hardware failures, while the creator says it’s not his product but others. I haven’t personally had any issues but it’s come up enough that it should cause concern. At least one reviewer stated it didn’t have the highest quality internal components or construction. I think you should look into the HAS or Retroelectronik – I’ve only heard good things about those.


I got a HAS last year and it’s freakin awesome. I highly recommend it.


I have a retroelectonic, and want to get a HAS. Been on the waiting list forever though.