The future of high score battles

Hello everyone!

I’m looking for some help, but before I reveal what I’ve been working on, I’d like to lay out a few of my thoughts.

I’ve been working on trying to get some more people involved in our little high score competitions. Every once in a while we get a new person here or there to compete with us, but I would love to get those numbers up to about 10-20 people per battle.

With all that said, I think a wider audience than just us RGB folks is needed for that to happen. Granted, I haven’t taken to advertising the thing on other retro and gaming sites.

My thoughts on small-scale high score battles:

  • I don’t think that I’m alone in thinking that at my age (and/or skill level), competing on the world stage for high scores and speedruns isn’t as fun as smaller competitions. I love to compete, but I don’t like to be in 1500th place. By contrast, I don’t want to have such small competitions that I’m only competing against 3 other people.
  • It would be nice to compete in multiple battles at the same time, as not every game tickles a players fancy. ie: I love platforming games, but hate racing games (not true, just an example)
  • It would be nice to be able to create your own battles at any time, and cater it towards your needs. Adjustable time frame, competing within your own country, etc.

Why am I writing all of this out?

I spent a couple months near the beginning of the year developing a new website that would be capable of hosting all of our high score battles, as well as tackling all the new ideas I have for moving this thing to a slightly larger audence. I want to take the next step in scaling it upwards.

I am okay at web development and design, and I can handle all the server side of things too, but I’m not a programmer. I would need a PHP programmer to finish this thing off and get it functional.

Are there any PHP programmers on RGB that would be willing to help me get the site finished?

Here is the site as it stands now. The design is fully fleshed out, and I only really need PHP to get it up and running.



Did you mean to put this in BST?

I wasn’t sure where to put it, honestly. You can move it if you feel it should be there.

It’s in BST right now but I think it’d get more visibility in the main gaming section, so I’ll move it there.

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