The Nintendo Virtual Boy |OT| Batteries Not Included

Great job Peagles! I’ve added it to the OT OT

Man, it’s always been a mild dream to get one of these. I think it’s more for the novelty of it. I have never played one, and I think it would just be interesting to own.

Is it hard to find these, especially with the boxes? I know they sold poorly.

Not really. It’s hard to find one in good condition though. It’s the most fragile piece of hardware I’ve ever owned and I had a few break on me with extremely delicate use.

The ribbon cables inside are held together with glue that simply becomes less adhesive over time which causes the graphics to become garbled if you don’t open up and service your own unit.

It’s not a matter of “if” you’ll get garbled graphics. It’s a matter of “when.” I’ve had it happen invariably on all 4 units I’ve owned.

Maybe I’ll look for one with garbled graphics in trying to get a deal. I don’t mind getting down to work on my own consoles.

It’s the one console I own that I refuse to collect/play anymore due to just how damn finicky it can be. My Virtual Boys are officially retired.

I sold my VB a few months ago when I massively downsized my possessions. It worked perfectly for 20 years, no garbled graphics or parts breaking. I guess I was lucky.

I haven’t even tried to turn on mine in like 15 years…

I’ve never owned a VB, but since I collect Tetris games I do own a CIB V-Tetris for it. I guess I should get 3D Tetris as well, but I don’t really consider it a proper Tetris game since the gameplay is so different.

A friend of mine has two boxed Japanese VBs, but both of them suffer from the very common dead eye problem. I tried one of them before it went bad though. Living in Europe I never got to play the system when it was current, so I was pretty surprised how well the 3D effect actually works.

I only got a Virtual Boy a few years back and have just a small hand full of games for it but I really dig it. When I got mine though the person had left batteries in the pack attached to the controller and they had leaked bad. I cleaned the hell out of it as best as I could and finally got it working but now it can be iffy with power. It’ll be playing fine and then just turn off, which pissed the hell out of me in a particularly good Vertical Force run. One of these days I need to buy a new controller and battery pack and hope that is the issue. Everything surrounding the VB is just so damn expensive. I REALLY need to get a flash cart for it too. I got to play the SF2 fan port a few months back on it and I need to be able to play that when ever I want.

I never get headaches. I play lying down with it resting on my head haha.

It’s freaking criminal.

You’d think someone would write a virtual boy emulator for the 3DS by now.

Why on earth Nintendo hasn’t is a question I always ask.

Good games like Wario and TeleroBoxer really speak to Nintendo’s long tradition of simple but excellent game design.

In spite of the system! And they are perfect for the 3DS!

There is one I believe. I held out hope there would be something official, may give it a go sometime.

I don’t know how to run homebrew on my 3DS but will definitely look into this.

I figure they consider the system an embarrassment and want to sweep it under the rug.

It makes cameos in games though.

Yeah it’s weird, they seem to celebrate it just like many of their other weird old items like the Ultra Machine or Love Tester or Color TV Game systems, especially in Warioware games.

Reality is I think they would have done some sums and the ROI for developing a quality VB emulator didn’t add up. I mean how many people would buy any other game apart from Wario? Even then Wario would probably get poor reviews for being all red and not sell that well.

Then, at the very least, they could have hired a 3rd party studio to port Wario and add color to it. I bet that would have been well received and lucrative.

Just get someone to announce that they are almost done making their fan remake of it imo. I’m actually just as surprised that that hasn’t happened yet.

Played Golf recently as it’s one of the T&E Soft golf games. Roughly comparable with the PSX version! Quite a surprise coming from the SNES and MD versions.