One Year Post Implosion (RGB’s First Anniversary Imminent)

A year ago today I started a Discord server and began messaging any retro folks I could think of on NeoGAF.

Just hours later, the boards started crashing and PMs were hit and miss. We scrambled to get messages out, and slowly we all started to gather.

That limbo time was actually pretty fun. I’ll always have fond memories of all the excitement, with all of you in the main chat but also behind the scenes planning what would become RGB.

We’re about to hit the first anniversary of RGB, and we’ve grown into something I never imagined possible. I’m proud every day of our community, what we stand for, and what we have accomplished. It feels like home for me now on the internet, much much more than the old place.

But we’re only really just beginning.

Here’s to many more years, and thank you everyone for your support and participation.


Peagles and Peltz really pulled this together, and I’ve been so happy being a part of this community over the past year. Thanks everyone for all the posts, laughs both here and on the Discord, and generally being the greatest community of game enthusiasts on the internet!

Here’s to many more years of debating whether Sonic was ever really any good anyway!


I’m relatively pleased to be here. This place is ok.

Thanks for the great community everyone, I love this place!

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Time flies when you’re having fun. :v:

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Was just thinking to myself how it’s already been a year since that fateful weekend NeoGaf imploded and Peagles and Peltz pulled it together and helped us all escape to the Discord and RGB for a fresh start not to mention all their coordination with the ResetEra mods to help us carry over our member status, thanks! And I totally agree that “inbetween time” was fun and exciting. :slight_smile:

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I mostly lurked at the old site but I’m enjoying this one for sure.


Thanks to all that setup this site!

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Thank you all for being a part of this. It’s been my favorite place to post ever since it started, and that’s because you all are so chill, mature, and fun to talk games with.

I’m really happy with the people we have here. And it’s steadily growing.

We are now over 300 members strong! And getting new members every month. And it’s thanks to the great posters who come here and those who have donated too. :pray: thank you all.


Glad to be part of you chums as the retro communities were about the only part of gaf I liked. Sorry I have kind of avoided the discord after the first push, my obsessive nature would make it hard for me not to be on it 24/7 if I had any presence at all.

I was also thinking about the year anniversary mark a few days ago. Glad to be here. Great work.

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Not much to add except to say it’s been a fun year posting at this new place and hope the site continues to grow!


What is this?

Some of us who were NeoGaf posters were able to avoid starting off with junior status when Reset Era launched thanks to the admins working together.

Oh right! Yes

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I’m glad these boards were here initially as way to talk about gaming without the GAF/ResetEra bullshit. I honestly didn’t know how long it’d last before the people that make those sites terrible to visit would come by here and make this one terrible to visit.

Thankfully, my expectations have been far exceeded. I can’t believe it’s been a year and I’m still able to check-in and find interesting things to read and absorb, without getting bogged down in extraneous matters. The mods do a great job of directing traffic and keeping an open atmosphere.

Here’s to another year :beers:


One of the themes we discussed early on is that moderation should be done in moderation. Fortunately, the people here make that a very easy standard to adhere to.


Y’all remember that time @Peltz introduced animated avatars? Y’know…the dark times.


Many thanks to @Peagles, @Peltz, and all the others that helped put this place together, and to the community for keeping it going.


As they once taught us in law school, you never write in the passive voice unless you’re admitting to wrong doing. So I’ll say this:

“Mistakes were made.”



@Peltz falls off cliff in CoD…

I only just found this place, and it is just the best.

not too be taken too seriously
Less bloaky than shmups, less grumpy than neogeo, less puritanical than nintendoage, more modern than atariage, and less shit-posty than reddit.

There seems to me to be a general sense of respect and maturity among posters.

You should be very proud this little slice of the internet.