How would you guys feel about a Round Robin Retro Game Boards Switch online NES Ice Hockey Tournament?

Coinciding either with the launch of the Switch Online service or the release of the Switch’s NES controllers, (or perhaps a few weeks later if people want to prepare) I was thinking we could do an online tournament of Ice Hockey.

The rules would be a simple round robin.

Everyone who enters plays 1 game against everyone else on the highest speed setting for 15 minutes (which isn’t really 15 minutes due to the sped up clock).

Whoever gets the most wins is the tournament winner.

If there is a tie between two or more players, there will be an additional tie breaking round robin between those players until we have a winner.

The winner will receive a special badge on their avatar that no one else has.

What do you think?

Is give it a shot. I need to practice! I’ve barely played this one…

My fatman will smash all of you. :smiling_imp: