The Ripping Thread - How to build your own legit retro ROM library.


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Hi guys

New to this forum and not used to forums in general so please forgive me if I’m doing something wrong here…

I asked this on NeoGAF some time ago:

Does anyone know if it’s possible to extract the ROMS from the Playstation 2 arcade compilations? Would be cool to be able to use them on something like MAME 2


I could be wrong, but I’m pretty certain of you were to rip those, they would only be playable on a PS2 emulator. They have been developed to run on the PS2, and MaME won’t be compatible.


If you just use the ISO and play it in PCSX2 it will surely work, but I would think that the original arcade ROMs can be found inside there somewhere. If I understand correcly the discs just boot up a frontend with a emulator that works with the PS2 hardware.


Yup the original Roms should be in there somewhere but it’s entirely possible they have been modified.


Would be interesting to find out, but I don’t know the how-to. On a similar note some other classic arcade games are available on Steam (and other consoles) Q*bert: Rebooted includes the original arcade version. There is the ARCADE GAME SERIES from BANDAI NAMCO (Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Dig Dug and Galaga). The (now delisted) Mortal Kombat Kollection, the Atari Vault (which at least contains the 2600 ROMs) and the ColecoVision Flashback. As far as I have understand the Neo Geo games for PC contains the bios and ROM as well.


Correct link

What’s your goal with extracting these ROMs? To legitimise (part of) your collection? To provide a possible backdoor for bundling ROMs with a commercial product?


For the arcade stuff the main goal must be to be able to switch the games on the fly without booting up another collection first. I don’t really feel like watching the intro video for Atari Vault every time i want to play 5 min of Asteroids and then watch new loading screen and start up video for the Taito Legends before playing a round of Space Invaders. Especially for the PS2 stuff, it might not be a good idea to play a emulator inside a emulator.


Check it out!

This is a retrode plugin for the TG16/PCE. I was able to test one out and both JPN and NA games dumped just fine.


That is pretty awesome! Nice to see some more plug ins being made for it. I was going to pick up the N64 adapter not that long ago but it was sold out, hopefully they get stock back in soon.


Where did you get this? I can’t seem to find it… I have a retrode and would buy this immediately.


Figured I’d mention it here as everyone might not be paying attention to the Analogue thread. The latest jailbreak for the Super Nt added CopySNES so rom/sram dumping is now available. Details here (scroll down a bit and find the Click to expand full CopySNES instructions for full details)


One of the mods in the Retrode forums is doing some great work, like constantly upgrading the firmware, adding SA-1 support through a special adapter, and making new plugins like for the Virtual Boy and Turbografx.

Currently the TG plugin is part of a Beta program and I had to pull the hucard slot from a broken PC Engine and solder it onto the board myself. If you’re able to do that just message him and ask if you can participate.


He may want to talk to Rene from DB Electronics, a little bit ago he mentioned finding a source of new hucard slot connectors. Also nice on new firmware I didn’t know that I’m going to have to look that up.


I thought Rene was doing his own dumper, not related to the Retrode.


He is. I’m sure he’d be willing to share where he sources them from though. Skaman (the mod on the Retrode forums) might be able to source them himself, but I already had a hucard slot so he just sent me the PCB.


Ah gotcha. I have a spare turbografx I could sacrifice but not sure I really want to. Hmm will check it out on those forums. Thanks for the info!


I just remembered that it’s possible to dump the Famicom Disk System BIOS using the CopyNES function from an NT Mini.


Is there any way of dumping the individual ROMs from the different build-in-consoles out there? Primarily thinking of the NES and SNES Mini, but also consoles like the Atari Flashback 8 Gold, the Sega Genesis Flashback, the C64 Mini or the Super Retro-Cade.