The Ripping Thread - How to build your own legit retro ROM library.


Been searching for a way to rip the roms from the Super Retro-Cade since it came out and nada. It should be easy, since it’s an android device. I suppose if one could root it they would be able to find the roms in there… If you find anything, please post back to this thread.

There is a way to rip the roms from the Nes/Snes mini. Look up “wiiu vc extractor” on github. Turns out the roms on those are basically wiiu vc roms and so can be extracted the same way you would wiiu vc roms. This worked for me however Zelda and DKC had glitched graphics and Mario Kart crashes before a race starts. Other roms worked fine. I haven’t tried myself on a Nes mini as I don’t have one yet.


Speaking of new sources for old connectors, anyone got Game Gear cartridge connectors not taken from a console?


I pulled mine from a Retron cartridge adapter. Npt exactly cheap but it was all I could find outside of pulling one from a broken Game Gear.


Found a TG16 card slot!


Will do! As of right now, I have not the knowledge to do so (don’t currently own one) Will test out the WiiuVcExtractor for the SNES Mini at some point though, and hopefully the NES Mini as well after it comes back on sale.


For Commodore 64 games on tape it’s possible to record the audio using a normal cassette player and connect it to the audio input of a computer. I recorded the audio from the C64 tape by using Audacity and converted the WAV to a TAP-file (raw C64 cassette TAPE images) using a software called Audiotap. The files I created worked fine on a C64 emulator.


That’s super cool and a bit insane.

I had the cassette drive for the Atari 800XL. Oof… long waits for that Temple of Apshai.


And once converted back to digital, they can be converted to analogue but this time without all the flaws of the cassette tape: meaning a much higher bitrate sent by a high fidelity amplifier. It allows to make much faster loadings. Some TZX loader apps do that on modern phones.


Okay, that’s really cool.


The Activision’s Atari 2600 Action Pack series for Windows 95/Macintosh contain ROMs bundled with an emulator. Can confirm it works in Stella, but for some reason H.E.R.O. didn’t work properly.


that is fucking wild. i can’t believe that works lol


It seems like it’s possible to dump the ROMs (and other assets) from the Steam version of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection using the sf30ac-extractor.


A script for extracting ColecoVision Flashback ROMs from Steam can be found here:


Ha, great stuff. Love the idea of ripping games from a Coleco Flashback then using it on a flashcart on real hardware.




Looks like the Kazzo NES dumper will get a new successor for dumping all kinds of stuff:


Wow. Crazy cool device. I’d actually consider buying that.


The Disney Afternoon Collection ROMs from Steam can also be extracted:


I’m trying to rip a few wii games. I’m using Cleanrip but it’s super slow. Is this the best way to rip wii games?


I would buy that if it could dump/restore saves for all of those systems.