The Ripping Thread - How to build your own legit retro ROM library.


The KryoFlux, developed by The Software Preservation Society can create 1:1 backups of all sorts of floppy disks. Depending on what floppy disk drive you connect to it, you can copy C64, Amiga, MS-DOS, Apple II, etc.


Cool post. I need something like this for Famicom Disk System games.


You can actually backup FDS games with the FDSStick.


I want to be able to write to actual disks.


That’s actually also possible. It would just require a pretty simple modification to the FDS depending on which version it is.


I am getting a Super NT in the batch that is shipping end of September, and plan to use the opportunity to dump my cartridges. My understanding is that the jailbroken firmware can dump cartridges and saves.

Will the CopySNES function dump special chip games (SA-1, DSP, Super FX)? I know the resulting ROMs will not play on Super NT because the FPGA doesn’t natively implement the special chip functions, but it’d be nice to have the ROMs to play elsewhere.


I’ve been using this method.


  • Modified SD card adapter that plugs into the DC serial port (eBay, AliExpress: “DC SD reader”) £10/$15
  • Dreamshell & ISO Loader homebrew software (free, included with the above)
  • Memory card


  • make_iso package from dcswat
  • 32-bit Windows VM to run the tools
  • compatibility list
  • image formats are ISO/CSO/CDI/GDI


It would be cool to have an contents list in the OP with links to all the different platforms that have been covered in this thread.

I think this info would be really useful to have packaged in a legit PDF and/or e-book and published online. It would bring in new people, also.


If someone compiles it, I will ensure it goes into the OP.


I’ll compile it, thanks


Thanks for your help, Matt and Peltz, as I’m not too present here anyway, go ahead and tweak that OP! :slight_smile:


No worries. Don’t be a stranger :blush:


To answer my own question from before:

  1. Yes, the Super NT will still dump special chip games.

  2. No, it can’t play dumped special chip ROMs even with the corresponding cart in the slot (i.e. I cannot play Marvelous English patched version with my SFC cart in the slot)


Anyone have any idea how to access the ROMs from the AtGames Blast (or the other AtGames products for that matter)?


Never seen those before! :flushed:

I’d actually be down for that Pong system if it’s good. I still have never owned Pong but love the coin-op version.

Manufacturers used to make similar products that used composite cables. I guess these are the same thing for the HDMI age.


watch out because AtGames versions run NES games, but review units contained Arcade versions


Yeah, I know about the controversy. But I was thinking of the technical aspects of it. Can it be done?


It seems like someone made a software for the Retron 5 called Retron Dumper. With this you can dump all your ROMs using the Retron 5.


Wow that’s impressive… Very cool.


Man, I have been waiting for this. Thank you! I tried it, been dumping NES and Famicom games all evening. It works really well.