The Sunday Night Shmup thread


Tonight’s Sunday Night Shmup is Cho Ren Sha 68K:

Originally developed and published by Koichi “Famibe No Yosshin” Yoshida in 1995 for the Sharp X68000 in Comiket (a biannual dojinshi fair in Japan) and released as freeware later for Windows in 2001. You can still download it here and it works with Windows 10:

I have so many good memories of playing this on my family’s ancient Win ‘98 3.2 GB hard drive HP machine back in 2001 shortly after it was released. It was the first indie game I ever played. There was a rumor M2 might release it for the ShotTriggers line (probably just due to it being requested in one of their feedback polls). The game’s simple yet addictive “choose any three” power up system, very approachable difficulty and endless looping background coupled with its memorable and pleasing soundtrack (which all collectively work together to keep you entranced and engaged despite the game’s repetitive graphics) all add up to an iconic and essential must play title for anyone who has even just a passing interest in the freeware shmup scene:


I haven’t played this in AGES. I got it when it was relatively new on PS2, but honestly haven’t even thought about it in like a decade. Good rarely talked about choice!


I’ve heard about the unlockable tracks but not the different endings. Thanks!

I made it to the end of stage 5 on Normal.


Cho Ren Sha 68K is so good, but man, I’m not good at it :rofl:

Time and practice would remedy that, but there are just too many shmups to play.


I got the Parodius compilation, and Gradius, but never got Salamander and Twinbee, so I’m on the hunt for those.


This looks incredible. I’m going to grab the freeware version.

What is the native resolution?


Sorry for late reply, looks like the resolution info for the game might be clarified here:


Closing in on the 1CC on Normal!


I got the 1CC, and managed to get it on stream!


This arrived in the mail yesterday, brand new box of the 3rd Shooting Game Historica shmup gashapon figure set (has red and blue ship from Raiden, and also figures from Souky, In the Hunt, Wolf Fang, Star Soldier and Granada). I also own the first box from 2008 which featured the Gradius, Darius and R-TYPE figures. I also have most of the figures (without box) from the second set (Raystorm, R-TYPE III and MUSHA). These are amazing little figures to have on your shmup shelf.


Man, you have some really cool stuff!


FYI Fanatical is selling the Steam version of Geometry Wars 3 for $2.55 CAD (probably $2 USD).


Red and Blue variant ship with optional “power up mode” cannons attached. :sunglasses:

The Raiden ships were surprisingly complicated to assemble compared to other ships in the Shooting Historica line, a kind shmup fan on Twitter by the name of Tian made this video for me which helped me complete them.


Opa Opa with wings and variant figure from the second Shooting Historica set (the one featuring Raystorm, MUSHA and R-TYPE III figures), these are the only two from that set so far which I have assembled.


Ok one more shmup gashapon pic, I assembled the Raystorm figure from the SP 2 set (same set as Opa Opa). This one was a huge pain as the snaps for the left and right wing modules are super flimsy and kept falling off, will definitely be applying some super glue to them when I’m able to. Anyways, after many attempts:


Those are incredible.


Considering Layer Section is one of my favorite games of all time, seeing this ship in figurine form is a real treat.

Very very cool stuff.

Is Raystorm worth grabbing too? I played a friend’s copy once and felt like it was good. But not sure whether I want to plunge the funds into it.


Amazing! The craftsmanship on some of these figures is really impressive given they are small gachapon-like assembly kits.

I want that Opa Opa!


Raystorm is awesome, I enjoyed it every bit as much as Layer Section/Galactic Attack. Plus it has an amazing Zuntata soundtrack of course.


I agree that both Layer Section/Galactic Attack and Raystorm are fantastic in their own right. Strange thing is I could never get into Raycrisis, even though it checks all the boxes that make a great shooter… not sure if I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind when I played it, or if it’s lacking compared to its predecessors.

I’m interested in your takes on it.
(Oh, and I’ll play it tonight as part of our Sunday night shooter tradition! ):blush: