The Sunday Night Shmup thread


Yeah, you have to be very watchful with eBay and Chinese sellers. Battle Mania did come out in the US as Trouble Shooter, but we never got the sequel, sadly.


We also got Fire Shark, aka Same! Same! Same! which is probably my favorite Toaplan port on the system, and one of my other favorite Genny shmups. There’s also Zero Wing and Daisenpu (Twin Hawk), and for non-shmups, there’s Wardner and Snow Bros.


Ah cool, forgot about those others. :+1:


Wasn’t Hellfire also from Toaplan?


I think it was. I own that one also. Cart only though.


Oh, and Toaplan also published Compile’s Aleste on Mega Drive. That’s right, Toaplan touched M.U.S.H.A., at least technically speaking! Hahahahaha


As an aside to this for you and @Socksfelloff, the Switch Sega Ages release of Lightening Force is amazing. It even has built in leaderboards. I love it and have been playing recently.


Yes @stereoasis you’re right, I forgot to add that to my list. Good call. That’s one I still need to get. Sadly, I haven’t seen it in person in the wild since the late 90’s.


It’s still rather reasonably priced…


Not as bad as I was expecting. but then again, I’m a bit of a cheapskate :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s the world we live in now, man. It’s either pay the prices or hope for the best at yard sales.


No doubt. It’s always a balancing act, between getting the things you want for as little as you can pay, and making sure you’re not over-extending yourself and getting into trouble with other things, i.e. not paying bills. I try to make sure that, when I buy something, either it’s super cheap and I can use a little bit of my fun budget for it, or it’s something I really want, when it’s a pricier thing like this. Shmup collecting is, and has been, an expensive proposition forever, though, unfortunately.


You get different endings for each difficulty setting you know. Also, did you check otebthe omake (bonus) music in the options once you’ve completed the game? Some awesome tracks there.


There is also Hellfire which hasn’t been mentioned yet.

edit, never mind. stereoasis already mentioned Hellfire :smile:


It’s Sunday night and I’m playing this on the PS2.

A score based shooter from Triangle Services. A game no one really talks about.


Never played this one but Triangle Services do not get their due. Trizeal is a simple shooter but fun as all heck on the Dreamcast.


Their stuff is on Steam too. Haven’t bought anything yet though.


Sunday night calls for Sexy Parodius and a Lagunitas Brown Shugga. Been on a Parodius kick today, I played through Gokujo Parodius and Jikkyo Oshaberi Parodius earlier.


Nice! I have the Gradius, Twinbee and Salamander PSP collections but never got around to the Parodius PSP compilation, I really need to get on that.


I’ve been playing through most of these today, and I find that my skills improve no matter what game it is. Everything in the series is nicely approachable, even if you’ve never played it before, you know what to expect and how to react. I love Gradius games for that reason.

Except I’m still terrible at Gradius 3. I admit to only being able to beat the SNES one with all the slowdown.