The Sunday Night Shmup thread


How much do those Shooting Historica figures usually run you? They look awesome, and there’s a few I wouldn’t mind adorning my shelves.


Unfortunately it’s hard to give a figure, they vary wildly in price these days. It kind of depends on the dealer and whether or not they’re selling them as a set or individually. Some of the ones from the first SP set go for outrageous prices these days. The Vic Viper 2301 and Metarion (Gradius 2 MSX figure) by themselves were being sold for about $50 each last time I saw them on eBay. I’m really glad I got the first SP set back in 2008 shortly after it released for about $70-80.


Playing Tatsujin and am I crazy or does the blue homing laser weapon not do damage to certain enemies? As an example, in the first stage after you get past the first large asteroid base there are two yellow mid boss enemies (a few pics below), if I have the blue laser it will lock on to them but it doesn’t seem to do any damage no matter how long I hit them. It seems like you just need to have one of the other weapons to beat them. I noticed it also doesn’t seem to do damage to certain other things like the big metal structures that hang off the asteroids (which can normally be blown up to reveal power ups). I’ve also experienced this with that weapon being powered up with at least three “P” icons so unless I’m mistaken it can’t be because it’s too weak.


ememies are weak or resistant against the various weapon types with the blue laser being more prone to doing little to no damage than the others.


Good to know, thanks.


I’m super late to the party, but that zero ranger intro is hilarious.

“Green Orange!”


I’ve been playing a lot of Thunder Force 6 on the PlayStation 2 desperately trying to get in to it but I can’t. It’s just a soulless rip off of previous Thunder Force games. It has no style, poor stage design and crap music that doesn’t do anything to evoke emotion (expect disappointment). It truly is shite! and that’s being kind.


Edit: NM, got my question answered.

I’m going to be pre-ordering the Darius Cozmic Collection Special Edition soon from Amazon Japan (unless someone can recommend a good U.S. import source), will Amazon Japan charge my card right away or do they wait until the item ships? Last time I used Amazon Japan was late 2016 for the Battle Garegga premium edition so couldn’t remember.


A little Bosconian in the afternoon. Just a simple, great classic game.

My iPhone doesn’t focus well, but you can see the slot mask on the Neo monitor


After a couple hours of skating and playing hockey with my boys, I’m getting down to serious business for this Sunday’s shooter, the killer Ketsui :slight_smile:. Have a good Sunday everyone!


What stick is that? diy?

Mostly unrelated, but checked the game on play-asia, oof, pretty pricey. What are people’s go to import sites? I usually go to play-asia or in the past ncsx, although ncsx prices seem insane now imo.


I got it off the Namco site (it actually has the Namco logo in red letters on the side). It’s as good as it looks! :slight_smile:

Found it on Amazon, here’s a link:


Tonight’s Sunday Night Shmup is R-TYPE for the Turbografx-16.

Despite having a lot of flicker during bigger set pieces, this is still one of the best ports of the arcade game you can get on a home console. I actually prefer the TG-16 port to the R-TYPES version as even though it’s more accurate, for some reason that one has a weird and somewhat distracting overlay on the beam/score panel that can’t be removed.

Here are a few pics I took of the game running in s-video with the requisite dollop of good ‘ol Dobkeratops:


I’ve been using AmiAmi, their prices seem similar to Play Asia sometimes cheaper, sometimes more. Their shipping is so much better though. The last time I got a game from Play Asia, which was that exclusive they had of the Korean shooter for Switch, it cost the same as I would pay on AmiAmi but took around 30 - 45 days. When I got Ketsui on PS4 from AmiAmi, it took like 3 - 5 days, for the same price.


Finally got my special edition of the Darius Cozmic Collection pre-ordered last night (the one with the SNES, PCE, SMS ports, art book, CD). And looks like it’s confirmed no digital release for the collection, SE and Taito have nobody but themselves to blame if it sells poorly:

And speaking of R-TYPE, a physical release of R-TYPE Dimensions is coming this month to Switch and PS4:


I’m ready for R-Type Dimensions! I also have Darius Collection pre-ordered but couldn’t justify the $200+ price tag. Both look to be great releases!


Man these months later physical releases are driving me crazy. If I knew R-type was getting a physical I would have waited. I’m not rebuying it.

There is no way I am getting the Darius Collection, its far too much money to get all the games. It is absolutely ridiculous.


Last R-Type I got into a ton was final so out of the loop. How was Dimensions?


I remember looking at Darius Cozmic Collection and balking at the price. I really would like to own that, though. It’s a very disappointing way to release all the games. :neutral_face:


You could always get the standard release but yeah, SE release has been odd. But I gotta have all the extra stuff ya know? Plus it’s M2 so the emulation and options will surely be top notch and I’ve played little of the series outside of Darius Burst CS and Super Nova on SNES so this will also be a great way for me to dive into the series’ history.

People complain about G-Darius not being included (maybe weird rights issue with Sony?) but I’m just gonna pick up a copy for PS1 for cheap in the near future. Might even pick up a copy of Sagaia for GB.