The Sunday Night Shmup thread


I already own G-Darius so that didn’t really bug me. I just think completionist collections like that one should at least be given an affordable run for people who can live without all the other extras. Seems like they’d make more money by selling both the insano edition and the games themselves? The M2 work was done either way.


Some Hyperduel. There’s a lot going on here: the backgrounds are pretty trippy, there’s a lot of bullets and enemies on the screen, and you can turn your ship into a mech at any point for increased firepower.

The music is pretty decent too.


Tonight’s Sunday Night Shmup is Galactic Attack or as it’s more properly known, Layer Section for the Sega Saturn. A good friend of mine gifted me this copy many years ago not long after I got my Saturn.

Excellent and legendary Taito shmup with an addictive lock on system and a beautiful Zuntata soundtrack, this game gets the Rayforce series started with a bang!


This was the first shmup I became obsessed with. Great game!


Layer Section is an awesome shooter. One of the best out there and it’s still rather cheap.


Galactic Attack was my first Saturn shmup, and it’s one of my favorite on the system. So great! When I learned about the Redbook audio, I was listening to the soundtrack, and loving the ZUNTATA goodness outside the game. I think this game really solidifies the formula started by Xevious and used later by Dragon Spirit and Twinbee, with the ability to target enemies on a lower plane. And I think it’s one of the first shooters I played, where the scoring mechanics came into play related to that secondary attack. I still vacillate between this and RayStorm as my favorite in the series, but I have a lot of love for this one.


I spent the week recovering from the flu so I didn’t have much time for games. I did try out a little Devil Engines and so far its great!


I’ve had my eye on this one. It looks fantastic!

@BTails brought his PCe over and we played some Lord’s of Thunder. What an awesome game !

We/he ended up beating the MegaCD version which despite a bit of slowdown was also fantastic ! I’m definitely going to work through this one and see if i can beat it on the hardest difficulty


People like to hate on the Sega CD version of Lords Of Thunder, but I think it’s pretty awesome. Love that remixed soundtrack!


During last night’s MLiG stream the chat got Coury to buy Devil Engine on the Switch. He played it a bunch of times and it looked great.

Starts at 1:44:13


We had the 2 versions running side by side and I think they both sounded great. The sound effects are definitely worse in the TurboCD version but the MegaCD version suffers from a fair bit of slowdown. Its a tough call which one is better. I don’t own a PCe so I think the MegaCD version is a fine alternative.

The shop keeper also has a sexy ass voice in the MegaCD version. I had to load that up later after @btails left !

I didn’t, it’s a joke


I like the Turbo CD version better but I wouldn’t say anyone is missing out for only playing the Sega/Mega CD version.

Here’s the promo video edited by Tony Hawk:


Love the shopkeeper’s voice in the Sega CD version. “Thank you!”

Here’s a comparison vid I hadn’t seen before:


The shopkeeper’s just using you for those gems… still, that VOICE, lol.


Damn, just watched the trailer for this… Game looks sick!


I own both the Mega CD and PC Engine CD versions of Lords of Thunder. While I’m more of a Sega fan than a PC Engine fan I would have to say in this game that the PC Engine version is better. It has the better colour pallet, better music (The CD is arranged and sounds muted) and less slowdown. On the other hand the Mega Cd has the sexy voice that many have mentioned already.
Either is a good game but I think the PC Engine version is the way to go if only one game is to be bought.


Just a heads-up, my shoot-em-up club is playing Crimzon Clover for March! Check out the thread here:

Most of us will be playing the Steam release, Crimzon Clover: World Ignition, but any version of the game is permissible, just so long as you note which one you’re playing. This will be the shmup club’s first danmaku, so I’m looking forward to the shift in tone, and the conversation this sparks.


I set up a SHMUP command center today. I now need a bigger desk.


Got notification that my delivery for the Darius Cozmic Collection Special Edition is next Tuesday, can’t wait.

Unboxing of the Special Edition and footage of the game menu, all of the extra games are on the Special Edition’s cart:


I wonder if Vangard ever got a decent port? I remember I used to play it all the time on the Atari 2600 and only once did I ever find the arcade at some bar located well out of my neighborhood.

There is an invincibility theme that was ripped off from somewhere and it’s always stuck in the back of my head whenever I’m driving or something.