The Sunday Night Shmup thread


It includes a bunch of extra games including the real version of Sagaia Ver 2 which based on what I read is so rare that this is the first time it’s been fully dumped, I’m happy with it. :slight_smile:

Edit: Also want to say while I certainly don’t begrudge folks for complaining about how this Collection has been handled by SE and Taito, it is what it is and I’m glad I had the foresight to do a little rebudgeting for last month to be able to get the special edition collection at its retail price and enjoy all the fun extras AND more importantly play definitive editions of these amazing games in high quality presentation which was far more desirable than getttng gouged by resellers later and feeling regret over not pulling the trigger sooner. Here’s hoping SE changes their minds and releases it digitally or gives the full collection of 9 titles a U.S. release but paying more unfortunately often comes with the territory of being a dedicated shmup fan and I wasn’t gonna give them the benefit of the doubt and miss out.

I also want to say that seeing such an incredible collection on the Switch is amazing. If you would have told me in the GC, Wii and Wii U eras that someday Nintendo would have a console loaded with AAA classic shmups, weekly Neo Geo game releases and various other arcade titles I would never have believed it.


Saigaia Ver. 2 is on the standard release too.


Ah ok, good to know.


My standard copy came in from Playasia yesterday and I was playing it a bit today. M2, those guys do a damn good job.


Tonight’s Sunday Night Shmup is Zero Gunner 2 for the Sega Dreamcast:

Developed by Psikyo and running on the Naomi board, the game features three futuristic helicopters which can be rotated in 360 degrees. Shooting enemies yields “E” capsules which power up your special gauge allowing you to activate special attacks similar to Strikers 1945 II’s secondary power up system except in the latter your gauge simply filled up automatically.

Overall this is a very enjoyable game, experimenting with different angles using the 360 degree system is a lot of fun and despite the fancy 3D visuals it’s classic Psikyo style shmupping with short yet satisfying stages and nice set pieces with transforming mecha bosses. The game feels somewhat easy at times but I really enjoy its more laid back feel. This is the perfect Dreamcast shooter to enjoy when you just want to wind down for a quick blast after playing a longer, more intense game. Zero Gunner 2 also allows you to save video replays of your best runs to the VMU. Zero Gunner 2 was also released for the Switch by ZeroDiv last year, however it’s famously a very buggy and at times inaccurate port remade from the ground up since ZeroDiv did not have access to the original source code.


I played: (No Darius until later this week)

Bullet Soul 360 - A good game that starts off slow with easy patterns but hit me hard in the later stages. I credit feed to the end. I’m looking at revisiting this one later this year.

Crimson Clover PC - This is a great game. Novice is doable but arcade is brutal.

Twinbee 3 Famicom - Neat little cute-em-up. I need to spend more time with it.


Just thought you guys would enjoy this:


I have a soft spot for that ugly Hellfire ship


I would describe it as ugly in-game, but in the pixel art it looks amazing.


I hunted out the original source of that image a while ago:
He’s done some really nice stuff!


Awesome thanks. I struggled too find it, and ended up posting one I found on pinterest (which is guaranteed to be stolen).


That is a great image. Really amazing pixel work. I know they kind of look like more regular jets, but there is something about the Vic Viper and the Raiden MK-II ships that I just can’t get enough of their design. Probably my favorites, specially out of the bunch in that image.


Love this game. One of the few games I’ve been able to complete with the default allotted credits (no 1CCs for me). Such a good time playing this on a CRT with the DC Green Goblin stick, whipping around in 360 degrees to pulverize waves right as they appear on screen. Perfect companion to the more somber (and difficult) Under Defeat.


I’m just upset they didn’t include the best ship of all time.


I’ve always had a soft spot for the design of the art in Tyrian.








I love me some Tyrian! One of my favorite DOS-based PC shmups, and I love that OpenTyrian has made it possible to play on all kinds of platforms. I played through it a few years ago on PSP with that. Not a particularly difficult game, but fun to play, cool weapons, a nonsensical plot that makes it all the more fun, and lots of little in-jokes and references.


Tyrian is fantastic… 8 hour story, tons of ship customizations, and more secrets and secret levels than you could ever want.


I think I posted this before, but I wanted to shout out my podcast, since it’s shump-themed. We played Zanac last month for the Shmup Club, and just got the podcast online a couple nights ago. We had a fun, big discussion about the game, touched on Zanac NEO a bit, and overall, it was a really good discussion. Hopefully some of you guys will dig it.


I have been streaming Crimzon Clover: World Ignition, since that’s the Shmup Club game for the month, and I managed to get a 1CC on Novice/Original last night. Was pretty stoked about it!