The Sunday Night Shmup thread


The best thing about the Hamster ports is the timing seems to be right. They also look pretty good if you don’t turn on scanlines and ok if you do. They’re not perfect, but they are portable. That’s the biggest win for me.


Are there any extras in the Saturn port of TSS that make it worth owning?


Not sure. I’ve only ever played it on an MVS.


Tonight’s Sunday Night Shmup is Battle Garegga. One of Raizing’s best known shmups, the game has pitch perfect level design with nicely destructible environments, excellent fighter variety, gritty steampunk visuals and an absolutely kickin’ and downright immersive Detroit style industrial dance rock soundtrack. Some dislike its trademark rank system but either way you can’t deny this is one well designed beast of a shooter. Here’s hoping its excellent follow up Battle Bakraid gets a ShotTriggers release.


I still plan to try this game. It looks cool.


The NGCD version had a dedicated vs mode and an art gallery. So at the bare minimum the Saturn version should have those as well.


Cool, thanks for the info.

Speaking of which I picked up TSS on Switch last night, really enjoying it, super fun and colorful. Using the charge beams to send over combos to the enemy player is really addictive.


Battle Garegga is freaking fantastic, and the PS4 port is rock solid. I get why M2’s ports take so long, I just wish the Shot Trigger stuff came out a little quicker, specially state side.