The Sunday Night Shmup thread


The best thing about the Hamster ports is the timing seems to be right. They also look pretty good if you don’t turn on scanlines and ok if you do. They’re not perfect, but they are portable. That’s the biggest win for me.


Are there any extras in the Saturn port of TSS that make it worth owning?


Not sure. I’ve only ever played it on an MVS.


Tonight’s Sunday Night Shmup is Battle Garegga. One of Raizing’s best known shmups, the game has pitch perfect level design with nicely destructible environments, excellent fighter variety, gritty steampunk visuals and an absolutely kickin’ and downright immersive Detroit style industrial dance rock soundtrack. Some dislike its trademark rank system but either way you can’t deny this is one well designed beast of a shooter. Here’s hoping its excellent follow up Battle Bakraid gets a ShotTriggers release.


I still plan to try this game. It looks cool.


The NGCD version had a dedicated vs mode and an art gallery. So at the bare minimum the Saturn version should have those as well.


Cool, thanks for the info.

Speaking of which I picked up TSS on Switch last night, really enjoying it, super fun and colorful. Using the charge beams to send over combos to the enemy player is really addictive.


Battle Garegga is freaking fantastic, and the PS4 port is rock solid. I get why M2’s ports take so long, I just wish the Shot Trigger stuff came out a little quicker, specially state side.


A bit of a desperate question because I can’t find any answer anywhere on the web.

Psyvariar Delta for Switch, the japanese physical release - does anyone know if the game on the cart is complete (no updates)? And are the menus in english (judging by videos they are but I want to be sure)?


Gradius V is really cheap right now.


Been awhile since I saw a Batrider PCB on eBay, in 2016 I saw one going for about $1,300, the seller for this one wants a cool $2,100. Are you kidding me? I remember back in 2001 you could get a Batrider PCB for as little as $200. Awful shame what happened to the PCB market. I sure hope M2 can eventually get Batrider on ShotTriggers because at this rate it’s the only way anybody will be able to play an official version of the game at an affordable price:


2001 was 17 years ago. I’m sure we’d all do things a little different if we knew how the retro scene would be today.

*looks longingly at Saturn games on eBay


Looks longingly at all the Saturn games in the clearance bins at Kmart and young me going " lol Saturn sucks"


Yeah but it’s still an insane increase. Someone on the old forum said there’s a scummy dealer in Japan called “Arcade Tower” who had a big part in driving up the prices by buying up tons of PCBs to the point where he’s been banned from a lot of shops.


If you know that STV has jacked up the prices and other ebay sellers followed his lead then stop using the site to gauge what a PCB is worth. Batrider can still be had for around $800 - $1000 on arcade focussed forums, have seen several bare PCB’s go in that range this year.

Anyone can put a silly price on an item and it means nothing, the real problem are the collectors who agree to actually pay those 100% plus markups. No doubt STV is a scummy seller but also one who saw a gap in the market and made the most of it, had he not done it then someone else would have. Really I don’t see much difference between the price increases in PCB’s and the more desirable games for any console, that’s just the way the hobby has gone.

Courtesy of Shou……


It’s pretty much the exact same thing. A limited supply of items that can easily be price controlled so even if they don’t sell right away there is no rush for the people that are doing the price controlling to lower the prices while also making sure that others don’t sell for any less either.

Shitsux but is the nature of like all my hobbies now.


Thanks for the perspective, and yeah I need to stop focusing on eBay prices so much. What forums are you referring to btw where you saw Batrider at those prices? I need a good PCB info resource in general.

Also is that a video clip and who is that? Just seems to link to a still picture.

Also is Shou the person who said his sources said Tatsujin hasn’t seen a modern release due to the rights holder being difficult to work with?


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That guy in the picture is STV himself who runs the ebay store arcadetower. In his natural habitat snagging some CPS2 goodness to flip!

Yep, Shou is a HUGE collector and industry insider (never knew exactly what job role he held / holds though) and is responsible for the EXA-Arcadia platform. His tumblr ( is absolutely amazing, just a constant stream of absolutely incredible items.

Apparently big things are in store for Tatsujin next year…


Thanks for all the info! Will check out those forums for sure. Only PCB I currently own is Progear and a busted Raiden PCB I bought cheap as-is a few years ago which I should really look into seeing if it can be fixed by someone.

“Apparently big things are in store for Tatsujin next year…”

:open_mouth: I know there is a Tatsujin cameo/guest fighter announced for Game Tengoku Cruisin’ mix but are you saying we may finally be getting a modern port of the arcade game? That would be so amazing because Tatsujin is tied with Batrider for my most wanted port!


That new shmup will be a new Tatsujin game if others are to be believed.