The Sunday Night Shmup thread


That’s TRUXTON for those of us familiar with the English name!


Hello all! I wish I would have found this site at the beginning of the thread, but that’s how it goes! Huge shmup fan here, and in case anyone’s interested, I run a monthly “Shmup Club” over at in the Community Playthrough section of the forums. We play a different shooter each month, and then my cohost and I podcast about it. Our show is called “Shoot the Core-cast” and we’re now 6 episodes in, as of last night, since I finally got all the editing done for our December episode, covering our November game, Steel Empire. We’d be very appreciative of any feedback on the podcast, and of course, welcome anyone to participate in the Shmup Club with us. There’s still a few days in December to jump in and play our Atari 2600 showdown, with Spider Fighter and Demon Attack, and in January, we’re covering Lightening Force / Thunder Force IV to kick off the year with a bang.

Anyway, here’s the podcast thread, and you can go directly to the episode page on the site, or use the links for Apple, Google, and Stitcher:

And here’s the thread for our December selections, in case anyone wants to jump in late:

Here’s the January Lightening Force/TF4 thread as well:

I have a bunch of time off next week for the holidays, so I’ll be putting some time into Ketsui, The Game Paradise: Cruisin Mix Special, and Gundemoniums on PS4, since those are recent arrivals, and if I can get my Dreamcast hooked up, I may also play a bit of Sturmwind, since I just got that as well. And if anyone challenges my high scores on either Demon Attack or Spider Fighter, I’ll probably see if I can squeeze in some more time on those. Exciting to see a possible revival of the Tatsujin/Truxton line as well!


I got my Flip Grip yesterday, super impressed with the quality and comfort of the product not to mention Fan Gamer shipping it within just a few days of ordering. Good timing as I’ll be taking a trip soon and this will make TATE play on the airplane a breeze.


It’s a really great piece of plastic. I love it. I love it so much I took a bullet on ResetEra for it because someone was poo pooing it and I thought that dude was being a jerk.


You probably used common sense. They hate that.


It’s not my finest hour as a forum poster, but I dunno, it just required an attempt at a sick burn in a mild Drinky Crow style for those of you who remember the legend. Sometimes people say stuff where they truly believe what they’re saying is so important and that everyone else is wrong. If it had been just one post, I think I would’ve glossed over it and been like, OK, you don’t like it. Gotcha.

Then he hadda go tell some other dude almost immediately after that not to get excited about his unreceived FlipGrip and I was like, OK, it’s on. That’s just being a jackass. Everyone likes the FlipGrip but you and you’re one more post away from starting a campaign against it. Now you’re gonna get the horns…

…and they gave me a warning, which is fine, and probably I expected that, but sometimes things have to be said. No one is so special that their opinion means that much, especially in the face of overwhelming positive vibes. That’s when you maybe make that first post to say, “I don’t like this.” and you walk away. That’s cool. Sometimes everyone else seems a little off to me, too. You have to know when that’s a you thing, and when I basically got warned for hurting someone’s feelings, well, ok, life goes on. It’s a lesson to be learned. Sometimes your feelings are going to get hurt.


Well, just a warning on ERA is nothing. I was permabanned when I replied a mod (with some sarcasm, I might add). Went back to GAF.


Oof… that’s just overzealous. I was banned from GAF by the infamous Amir0x eons ago mostly because he hated me and what I posted. When the recent schism occurred, I created a new account there but haven’t used it much because… it’s not me, DaveLong.

My primary spot is here and Quarter To Three, but I do appreciate the info on both Reset and GAF and occasionally dip in.

Anyway, I gotta buy ZeroRanger in the Steam sale. It’s $9.95 right now.


Of course tonight I was playing Flight of Pigarus

Even though it’s Thursday, I’m away Sunday.


This arrived in the mail today, splurged on a new copy of Raiden DX, $80. Been wanting to play it for years.


Nice score! I love Raiden DX! Though I do feel like the game window in tate mode is off to me, I feel like it scrolls too much to the left and right.


My copy of Ketsui arrived today but it didn’t come with the art book. I guess unless the dealer can make it right I’ll probably just have to end up buying the book separately. :frowning:

Also, how do you get the DLC? There doesn’t seem to be a code included in the game case.

Edit: Never mind, I see the DLC is already on the disc.


Played a few credits of Ketsui last night while waiting for the Dragon Quest XI Switch stream. First time I ever played the game and really enjoying it so far. Is there a good, basic starter guide on the scoring?

Also really hope M2 or someone can get Cave’s 360 catalog on PS4 at some point.


Try this:


Thinking about getting an old school shooter to use with my flip grip. Looking at Star Force. Never played this on NES. Decent? I’m no good at shooters so stuff like Gunbird or Ikaruga are way above my level. I’d also love to get the Namco Museum game but would prefer to get it on sale since I’ve owned those games so many times before.


This week’s Sunday Night Shmup is probably my favorite comical shmup ever, Star Parodier. Hudson Soft and Interstate Kaneko cash in on the Parodius craze with panache in a game that takes the core gameplay of the Star Soldier series and places it in a cute universe full of delightfully cartoony eye candy, thoroughly enjoyable and nicely challenging gameplay, long stages with large bosses and some of the best PCE visuals and music thanks to the Super CD format. You can play as the Paro Caesar ship from Super Star Soldier, a Bomberman mech being piloted by a Bomberman and a giant anthropomorphic PC Engine Core System, what’s not to love? This game is a delight to play and a cant miss title for anyone who owns a TG-16 CD/PCE/Duo.


Very nice! I’ve been bringing my Switch and FlipGrip with me to work, and playing Strikers 1945 on lunch breaks at work. I’m finding that my hands cramp up pretty bad with the Joy-Con in that scenario, though, so I think I’m going to bring the FlipGrip and the card so it can stand upright, and then bring an 8bitdo SN30 to actually use for control. I might actually improve my game that way :rofl:


I got my copy of Ketsui a few days ago and started playing it as well. I need to look at the guide posted above (thanks stereoasis), but I can safely say that point-blanking plays a big factor in getting the higher value cubes. Also, Deathtiny mode is a lot easier than Arcade. I somehow managed a 1CC on that, not sure how.


Very nice! That’s a game I need to go back to. Unfortunately, I don’t have a CD copy of it, but I have the PSP “PC Engine Best” Soldier collection, and it’s included on that. Solid game, for sure.


I picked up ZeroRanger in the Steam sale. That will be my shooter of choice over the next month.