The Sunday Night Shmup thread

It’s like a multicolored version of Ikaruga in some ways. That’s how I came to terms with it. It’s also a freaking technical showcase, same as most Treasure games.

I really wish they were still a going concern putting out a new game every so often. Their games were always an event for me. There are fewer and fewer developers that have that event feel for me in 2024.

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For me, while treasure games were very good looking, the gimic that all of their games gave would often ruin the game for me.
For example, the switching colours in Shillouette Mirage or Ikaruga. Or the overly complex weapon system in Radiant Silvergun. Or even the dash mechanic in Alien Soldier. There is very often something that just ruins the game for me.

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It’s by design and a consistent theme of Treasure games.

Make the game control and play differently from others on the market, and push you to your limits in learning those controls and unique systems.

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I do get that but for me they’re more frustrating than fun.

Finished Gate of Thunder for the first time in many years. The last few stages are brutal, had to use almost all of my continues on the final stage. But now that I know how to deal with the worst of the enemy placements I’m fairly confident that I can get a 1CC next time.


[edit, sorry @AgentUnknown , I didn’t mean to reply to your post]

Devil Blade Reboot has been getting good reviews (currently 99% on steam). It’s a remake from the PS1 game (Devil Blade) from a Vanillaware developer.

I’ve been looking to get into some shooters and this one appears, per reviews, to be a little easier which is great for me, lol.


Playing some V.V. aka Grindstormer on my Astro City Mini V. I hadn’t put much time into the game until tonight and am really enjoying its Gradius style gauge based power up system.

Also love that the Sega Astro City Mini gamepad is fully compatible with the Mini V as the joystick is nice but a game pad is just so much more comfortable for long playing sessions on this type of mini unit.


Finally got around checking Devil Blade Reboot. It’s awesome guys, I love how it offers something for players of every skill level. I think I’ll sink my teeth further in this one.


Got a copy of Spriggan for PCE which arrived today, pure Compile shooting goodness:


No pix for now, but I have been exploring the PC Engine library via the Analogue Pocket and finally got to play Gunhed and Image Fight. Both are a damn good time. Gunhed is definitely easy right up to when it isn’t. Image Fight is a treat. Big ol sprites, but looks and plays really good.

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Put up better scores in Outzone and Slap Fight on one credit in the Steam versions of those Toaplan games. Outzone especially is just plain slick. Slap Fight is tough as nails.

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Tonight’s game is Cotton for the PC Engine, not quite arcade perfect but it still looks and plays great plus it has a lovely CD arranged soundtrack and voice acted cut scenes:

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I’ve recently change my Tate arcade emulation set up.
I was originally using a Pi 4 but it just wasn’t powerful enough for many of the newer and surprisingly some of the older game too.

So, a while back Ayaneo sent over one of their mini PCs for review. It’s been sitting on the shelf doing bugger all for about 6 months so finally it was put to good use.
It runs a very clean Windows 11 in 4K resolution but I’ve knocked that down for this set up as the monitor can’t do 4K but can go higher than 1080p.

The speakers are cool Creative Pebble speakers with the optional Sub Woofer (below on the floor). These small yet powerful speakers are great for arcade gaming. I fully recommend them but be sure to get the woofer pack -

The stick I’ve shown before. It’s the one I made with he Brook hardware inside and fully Sanwa parts.

Looks awesome with the CRT filers on