The Super Nintendo |OT| Thread - SNES is what SEGAIN'T


Anyone know of any transparent PAL/JP aftermarket shells? I can only find the US size ones.


Is there any issue with Tengai Makyou Zero(?) patched playing on real hardware? I wanted to get my cart patched by ocd repro, but they stated they couldnt make it work on actual hardware?


Yes there are some issues. For the translation rom sizes were increased so it is not straightforward to make a translated cart. One of the developers made one to test on real hardware but didnt share any details, and the few scene people I’ve seen working on it are detailing extremely complicated mods to make it happen. All of this is compounded by the special chip in the cart of course.

I actually read one person say it would be the hardest SNES translation to get working on real hardware.

I’ve kinda given up and decided to just play it through my Wii sometime soon.


Aw wow, i would’ve thought Star Ocean would be harder.


Due to the expanded rom Star Ocean is fairly straightforward. There are even repro boards with an extra slot to add in rom chips for Star Ocean repros. You dont even need the SDD-1.


Are there any other games I should look to Korea for or is this an outlier?

Just saw your list. Nm


Snes pickups for the week!

Super turrican is complete in box as is wizardry v. Turrican is a run n gun and is really fun to play as you can tell by the electrocuted head under the fun factor category of the game pro review on the cover of the box (turrican put reviews on its cover before Batman Arkham city popularized it).

Wizardry v is a computer role playing game and one of my favorite genres to play. I’m curious to see how it plays on a console.

Batman forever is a fighter/beat em up. I need to figure out how the controls work before I can truly say it’s a piece of crap.


Snes games this week - Necessary Evil

With my goal to collect a complete US retail set is snes games comes the necessary evil of picking up games I would not normally get. Sometimes I benefit with games like super solitaire or on the ball and sometimes I don’t.

Judge Dredd is an action platformer based off the movie of the same name from the mid nineties. Weird camera movement, frustrating enemy ai, and boring all around gameplay makes me glad it was a cheaper pick up.

Final fight 2 is a beat em up. I got about halfway through the game before I got bored. The game is ok. I used the eBay 20% off coupon on this game. I think I enjoy these type of games better in co-op. If I’m going to play a beat em up I need something else to hold my interest while playing if I’m going solo. I prefer when the games have rpg mechanics incorporated into the gameplay like guardian heroes.

Mario paint is an art game and it’s fine. It has a music maker that people infinitely more talented than I can make use of. I already have the mouse for the game for other games like might and magic iii. This was $5 pickup shipped from eBay.

So maybe the games weren’t as dramatically bad as the opening paragraph would imply, but this is probably the first snes haul in a while that I’m not super excited or overly curious about any of the games I picked up. Oh well, part of the fun of going for a complete collection is making blind purchases of games you would not normally get. It brings me back to a time in which I was not as informed about games and made blind purchases all the time.


How far have you gotten so far?


I’m at about 130 games, so I have a long way to go. After I completed my working designs collection last year I wanted a long term goal. The snes is my favorite system so I thought this would be fun.


Some cool SNES related news today.

First up, the ALTTP randomizer has received some big updates. I always welcome new ways to play one of the GOATS!

Also it turns out Byuu had a hand in Stephen Hawking’s voice thanks to his Higan emulator.


Mario Paint has one of the all-time BEST mini games: FLY SWATTER. Seriously, I played that so much as a kid. I was amazed when a sound effect from it made it’s way into Super Mario Odyssey last year.


Awesome I’ll have to try it out.


Fly swattet is fun, but I wish it were more fleshed out. It could’ve been it’s own thing.