The Super Nintendo |OT| Thread - SNES is what SEGAIN'T



This guy has Super Fx up and running in only a few weeks with Ikari_01 asking him how the hell he did it.

It’s happening. Gif




So, it’s looking like the prices on ebay for the Super Gameboy 2 have shot up in recent weeks. I’ve had a SGB2 on my watch list for the last year or two (different ones, not always the exact same item) and it’s always been around $35 plus shipping from Japan. Now it’s closer to $55 or $60, although with free shipping. But I’m only seeing one or two… Maybe just a fluke while there aren’t many for sale right now.

I’m getting more into GB and would like the get the top PQ out of my RGB SNES setup.


sgb2 is great but GBI on a gamecube does just as good of a job without the borders. I tend to bounce around between the 2.


Yeah, I never figured out why my disc for the GBI wouldnt work on my GameCube. It does work fine on my Wii. Oh well. It’s RGB for original GB games and blurry but OK for GBC and GBA games for me…


I had a cube I used to run burnt discs in and I had to turn up the laser. Did you give that a shot?


Not a clue on how. Got a link or any tips?


SNES games this week - More eBay coupons

Operation Europe is a strategy game from Koei. I wanted to at least get the instruction manual with this game (and all the koei games) because I anticipated it to be complex. While testing the game out to see if it works I could not do anything really. I will need to thoroughly read the manual to be able to do anything in this game. I’m hoping it gives me an axis and allies vibe as I’ve enjoyed the few times I’ve played the board game (even though I suck at it).

Return of the Jedi is more enjoyable to me than Super Empire Strikes Back. I didn’t feel as overwhelmed in what little I played of this game and I didn’t notice as much slow down. This game completes my boxed Star Wars trilogy on the snes.

Aladdin (just in time to miss out on the March play through of this game) is a fun platformer and slightly more enjoyable to me than the genesis Aladdin. I prefer the platforming in this game and hate the Dave Perry camera in the genesis version.

I forget what games I used the coupons from eBay on but it was 2 out of 3 of them and they had another coupon to use recently which I used on a boxed copy of syndicate on snes. My goal for collecting snes games is to get each below the current going price. I use as a reference point. Do you guys use other websites to figure out prices? I’d like to know if there is a better site.


SNES games this week - Lord I’m a gamblin’ man

This week was a huge haul. The reasoning is I got lucky doing some sports betting. To begin with, I am not gambler. I do not like the idea of spending money and getting nothing from it (just my point of view of the subject). For the Super Bowl, though, I thought it was crazy how much the Patriots were favorited to win. Based on their history of victories they never won by more than 4 (or there about). I went to an online sports betting site and put $100 (that was the amount I was willing to lose) on the Eagles to win with the points. The site gave me a 50% sign up bonus that I put on the Eagles to win straight up. Once the Eagles won and I won $177 I was looking to cash out. I didn’t realize that I had to wait 30 days before I could do so. I then didn’t realize if I accepted the bonus money from the site I had to “rollover” that money 5 times before I would withdraw it. I was annoyed with the site first and then with myself because I didn’t read the rules properly. I choose to bet on games from different sports that were low risk (Rockets v the Hawks ect.). I won a few more times and lost a couple and was down to my last $150 (so I was still up $50). I bet it all on my Bulls to win against the Magic by 7-9 points, because the odds were 10-1 and I though, “why not”. The Bulls won 90-82 so I won $1500. You can bet your ass I withdrew that money as fast as I could.

NBA Hang Time is like it’s cousin NBA Jam. I think this game was made because of some contract disputes or something like that. NBA Jam was put out by Acclaim and this one by Midway.

Tuff E Nuff is a fighter of sorts. I only played it for a few minutes to test it out and I got my butt whooped. I not sure if this is a bad game or not. I had to have the box for this game because of how bad it is.

Lufia is an RPG. I’ve had the 2nd one for probably 20 years now, but I never got the 1st. I’m glad I got this one now, because I loved the 2nd one.

Robotrek is another RPG. I’ve read that it is light hearted and comical. I’ve also read that there are some Pokemon like aspects to the game. I look forward to giving this game a good try. If anything the box art is awesome (like the rest of these pickups).

I already had the Shadowrun cart, but I found the game complete (including the poster) on eBay for $70. This game is awesome and I’m hyped that I found it complete. I am more than likely going to sell my other cart of this game or use it in a trade.

Syndicate was a real pain in the ass to find on eBay for a good price and even that involved using one of the 15% off coupons they offered. The futuristic setting in this game is intriguing and the gameplay is different than just about every game on the system (I’m guessing).

Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 is a very fun baseball game. It’s gimmick are the power ups each player can use while hitting or pitching. Since this is the SNES one of those powers when you hit the ball makes the whole field spin in a circle via mode 7. I have this game on the NES and this plays just like it. I think it’s worth the couple of bucks you can find it for.

Krusty’s Super Fun House is a bizarre choice for a Simpson’s game. It’s a platformer puzzle lite game. You need to direct the off model itchys to some contraption that Bart has to smash them. The first 8 levels were easy and after you beat them you get a klan reference. WTF! This is a kids game. Nintendo had so many things censored in the early years of its gaming history, but this got through.


Robotrek has incredible graphics. The spritework is delightful.


Super Baseball 1.000 and Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball are all I need when it comes to baseball games. Good stuff.



Haha. I think the game came out before that episode so maybe the simpsons writers were inspired by it. Eh probably not.


Baseball games on SNES maybe, but everyone needs Baseball Stars 2 on Neo Geo!!


Lttp, I need a power adapter for my SNES jr that I’m importing. I’m in Europe, she’s from the US. I have a few adapters for other consoles already, can I use some of those while I wait for the cheap Chinese adapter that will arrive in one month?


I second this. My all-time favourite baseball game.


So, a heads up … PriceCharting has added Super Famicom games to its lists.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this has an effect on prices over time. SFC games are probably the most easily playable Japanese games on a North American system. I think I’ll focusing on some of these. What do you all think are the most import-friendly SFC games that aren’t expensive? Looks like Tetris Battle Gaiden or any Super Bomberman game are worthwhile. What about the MMX games? There’s only a bit of dialog in those … is it in English? What else?


I’m still trying to figure out how playing import games work, 50Hz vs 60Hz, etc.

If I have a US SNES, a Japanese Super Game Boy 2, and a European Space Invaders Game Boy cartridge, will they all play nice together? Especially the SNES mode in that GB cartridge. Or do I need a “60Hz” cartridge, like from Japan? Or is it completely locked and I need an American cartridge? I want to play at 60Hz.


Huh, looks like Space Invaders is just about the only release to have any compatibility issues due to it using a region locked ROM.

Other than that the only issue you will ever have is if you try to use a PAL Super Gameboy on an NTSC SNES or visa versa. The cartridges themselves do not have a 50/60hz distinction as they were all made to be played on the Gameboys 59.70hz screen, its only the region of the Super Gameboy that can change that.


So I need a US cartridge? I’m having trouble parsing these messages :confused: