The Super Nintendo |OT| Thread - SNES is what SEGAIN'T


Yep you will need a US cartridge as SNES part of the game is region locked.


NA and JP play really nice together in the SNES lineup.

You can use an NA SNES, and snap of a couple little tabs inside the cartridge slot, then play any Japanese title.


That’s nice to hear. I ordered Metroid Prime Super Metroid Jp as advised in the Discord, and the same seller had F-Zero so I got that one too.

Cart only is a little upsetting but considering the durability of cardboard boxes, it would be madness to do CIB only for the SNES. I try to get the boxes when they are not significantly more expensive.


I only do CIB and it’s madness. I’m assuming you mean super metroid? The JP version has an English option so that’s a great buy (and one of the reasons it’s pricey)

If you’re grabbing a super gameboy make sure you get the Super Gameboy 2. It runs at the correct speed and has a link cable port! It’s also rapidly climbing in price…


Rockman (Megaman), R-Type Third Lightning, and Donkey Kong are much cheaper to get the SFC versions, too.

A youtuber called SNESDrunk has a series about good games to import from Japan for SNES. He focuses mainly on Japan exclusives though, not games like Super Metroid where there is very little to no Japanese.


Yeah, Super Metroid, I’m stupid

Actually I got a SGB2 a couple of years ago. It was super cheap and I was bulk-ordering other stuff so I didn’t get to pay any extra shipping. But I have no idea if it actually works haha


Just found that guy and have been watching all of those vids. I have a growing list thank to him…


Why are you stupid?


Before he edited his post he said “Metroid Prime”


Yeah, that


Is Donkey Kong fully in English though?


Nope, it’s Japanese. It’s definitely playable though.


I’ve got a spare Super Famicom Jr, csync RGB modded with borti’s latest revision board and digital audio output modded (optical spdif port at the back). How much would it be worth? It’s in fantastic condition, with scart and power cables.

I’m in the UK. Looking to possibly raise funds to buy a neoSD…


What does the borti board do?


It’s the RGB board…borti designed it.