The Super Nintendo |OT| Thread - SNES is what SEGAIN'T


I’m not a collector by any means, but man the Japanese SFC boxes look so good! Why did I start looking at some online? lol


I can’t believe I waited this long to get an SNES. Now I can finally indulge in collecting cart-only games and lament at too-good-of-a-deal Chinese reproductions!

First thing I did was to cut these pesky tabs. Once done, everything worked flawlessly! Well, after some thorough cartridge cleaning. Only PAL Stunt Race FX refuses to boot, without even giving me a black screen? I suppose there’s a region lock mod to do. I wanted to mod that cartridge into Starfox2 ultimately, is it possible to change the region from within the cart itself?


You’ve never owned an SNES before? Do you need any game recommendations? It’s got such a killer library.


I was a SEGA kid and when I started getting interested in the Nintendo library in the early 2000s, emulation was all the rage then. I played a bunch of titles already (though most of them no more than a couple of minutes), and I even made USB controllers myself to play them. I believed a proper controller was all that was truly needed to reproduce the experience faithfully (with maybe a USB cartridge adapter for a more legit collection), and playing on a modern display and computer was the way of the future.

I came to my senses since.


Congrats on the SNES and welcome to the club. What kind of games do you like?


Played around with my new SNES Classic last night. I know I am LTTP but, this thing is great! I usually don’t care for filters but the CRT one here just nails what I want out of this device. I am detecting no lag in SMW or Mario Kart. The controller feels great. The UI is stellar. I just ordered the SN30 as a wireless controller. Even if it’s not quite as good as the OEM one I’ll live with it for most games.

Anyway, it’s so nice to be able to play 20 classics on my plasma TV in mostly non-compromised way. It won’t replace my original hardware setup with a CRT in the basement, but at least I have more options now. Bonus: I have an OEM SNES controller to use on my VC games!


Yeah, the SNES Classic is a steal IMO. It’s a quality Nintendo product. I haven’t done any of the hacking type things you can do with it and I doubt I ever will. I just really appreciate the games included and the options for playing them on a modern TV.


Fixed the very last thing that was bothering me on my SFC Jr - the slight amount of blur resulting from the RGB lines being slightly overdriven. Previous fix by borti was to lift a ppu/CPU pin and attach a resistor. Very easy to fuck that up - no room for manoeuvre and the pin snaps easily

Voultar found an easier fix - replace c11 at the back with a different cap.

Image is crystal clear now, still or in movement. Can’t see any difference between the super NT and my SFC Jr via OSSC on my TV now.


Possibly a stupid question: there is no orientation required for these smd capacitors?

While I don’t notice any blur on mine when used on a CRT, I’m interested in that mod. Also I got better at soldering SMD elements since I got some solder paste, I want an excuse to do some more work :smiley:


Depends. In this case the cap isn’t polarized. At 0605 pitch it’d be too damn small to identify anyway!


Got my rgb modded snes jr, and wow! The sharpness really is like night and day compared to a normal non 1chip snes via rgb. Best decision, even though it took a good 2 months to get my system shipped back…but thats all over and done :sweat_smile:


I’m noticing a higher volume of reproductions on eBay these days. That’s concerning to me as it makes it a lot harder to suss out what’s legit from what’s not as time goes by. Who’s producing all these?




So I am legit done with NA SNES collecting. I am moving to buying SFC carts as they seem to be less prone to being a repro. Voultar has a thing in dev that should make patching English translations easier. I tend to just buy the game I want and play it on my SD2SNES anyway, so I am not sure I really care to play the actual cart with the translation patched on it.


I’ve noticed it, too. Even on random games that aren’t on the highest-dollar radar.


That’s what really caught my eye. It’s not even just the expensive stuff. It’s lower end games that they’re under cutting by $10 or $20 at most. That’s crap.

@Kawika I’ve been doing the same and buying SFC games. I have been sticking with stuff mostly in english or action games, etc. There’s plenty there for me to go through before I run out of choices. Some stuff is ultra cheap too by comparison.


@DaveLong You can get some nice stuff on the cheap if you are willing to forgo native English. I like the way the SFC carts look too. I love 16-bit JRPGs and action RPGs but I just can’t play too many of them anymore. I just don’t have the free time.


Oh yeah, man. I’ve started checking the SFC price on everything I’m interested in before pulling the trigger on any ebay purchase. I’ve also decided cart only for SFC/SNES is perfectly fine for everything. Nintendo simply didn’t make boxes meant to last.

I am very excited for an order I made last week but I want to just drop it in the pick-ups thread with as little known as possible. Lol!


Same. I wish people would take more care of their manuals, but that’s just me loving manuals. Once I get a significant amount of cartridges, I’ll order some custom plastic cases so that it looks nice on the shelf while still being practical to use.


Agreed on the manuals, but I’ve gone back and forth on the cases. At one point I wanted everything to be original. Then I tried to replace the lost boxes for my childhood copies of Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, etc and the reality of $50 pieces of cardboard punched me in the face. Switched to plastic reproductions and had the reality of limited storage space punch me in the face.

I’ve slowly come around to cart only for SNES, but I love manuals and I don’t like keeping them separate from the games. I watched my son eagerly flip through the manual for Super Mario Sunshine last night and realized a piece of gaming art and experience has been lost with the elimination of them.


The games I bought myself in the era of SNES that still have their boxes and manuals will forever stay that way. Occasionally when there’s a marginal price difference on an SNES game locally with box and manual compared to the cart I’ll upgrade, but yeah, I really do prefer that most of my SNES/SFC games are cart only. Same goes for NES games.

Now SEGA Genesis? Annoys the hell out of me when there’s no box and manual. That stuff was built to last! Don’t throw it out!