The Super Nintendo |OT| Thread - SNES is what SEGAIN'T


What, do you mean this isn’t how you’re supposed to store your cartridges?

Come on, how else would I keep this greatest haul?


That should be nice. Id like to be able to patch my sfc carts myself, especially if its quick and trouble free.


Those pictures cause me physical pain.

doubles over


Just got my gamebit tools in and opened my SNES for the first time. Turns out it’s a 1-Chip-01. I thought it was a 2 chip forever but looking at the serial number had me thinking otherwise. Now I’m debating on upgrading the S-video connection to component. :thinking: I’ll probably just keep it the way it is for the foreseeable future though.

I also got to clean it out, that thing was rank.


1 chip! I found a chunk of a chocolate chip cookie in a Dreamcast one time.


An enhanced version of Super Double Dragon is coming to the snes in July.


It sounds like this version came out in Japan but was never released in the US. It’s a bit pricy at $50, but then again iam8bit sells their games for $100.


Interesting, is the original Japanese cartridge import friendly already or did they alter the code?

[edit] I’ll answer my own question, after watching a longplay there doesn’t seem to have a lick of Japanese in it. The menus and credits are the only text I saw, and they were entirely in English. Considering Japanese games work natively on US consoles, I’m assuming they just put the Japanese ROM in a cart, made a pretty box and manual and called it a day.

The used, cartridge only Japanese release currently sells for about 20€ on eBay.

How’s the game itself?


I’ve only played the US version of the game (the original version) and that one is pretty good.

I love the idea of games being rereleased on old systems or in some cases new games being released on old systems.


Super Double Dragon is a great game, but i already own the Super Famicom-version, so passing on this.


Okay then. I got a few SNES games I want to replay soon and want to look into the best options for playing them again. So what is that now? I got an old early model (not 1chip) snes that has a big problem with the vertical white line and am looking into other options.

Should I bite the bullet and pick up a 1chip, get a modded mini, or how close to those is the Super NT? Was going to wait in that till there was an RGB option. I do have an ossc as well as a couple BVM/PVMs if that makes a difference between going for the Super NT right away. Also don’t know what the current mod sitiation is for the SNES for improving it’s quality/getting rid of problems like the white line.

Course I could just take the easy way out and just do it on my SNES classic/use the console I have…


No word on RGB out for the Super NT. So it depends on what display you want to use your console? Modding a Mini is easy too, with the kits people have made.


I grabbed a mini and RGB modded that for two reasons:

1.) I didn’t want to play the 1 chip lottery or pay out the nose for one advertised as such

2.) The American SNES is butt ugly and the Mini is far better looking. The SFC looks great but as mentioned above I didn’t want to play the lottery

If you’re looking to play on a flatscreen I’d say just grab the super NT


Yeah I bought a US mini and modded it for the same reasons. I wanted a console that could play games in US shells, but the original model was just too ugly. I didn’t want to butcher the cartridge slot of a Super Famicom or a PAL Super Nintendo either.


I don’t got the problem with it being ugly as my nostalgia is attached to it. Still they all seem like good options, it’s just finding one I can convince myself of at this point. Probably easier to find myself a mini in the condition that I’d want then a 1chip, and the Super NT I would want is on preorder right now. Choices always were a problem for me…


It’s worth noting that the OSSC has problems on some panels with the SNES due to its odd ball refresh rate.

The OSSC also added a filter option that greatly improves the non 1 chip consoles. I forget what it’s called so maybe someone can chime in. I remember there being some comparison photos out there.


Honestly, it is more the vertical white light that bothers me the most about my SNES. I know there are fixes but figured if I’m going to do something like that why not do it to a “better” version of the console. Not to mention keeping my options open to uise it on CRTs with the same image qualityu instead of relying on filters.

It would be a lot easier for me if I would just mod my classic and play whatever I had from it I’m sure.


Go for it. The classic is great!


Low pass filter.

The ossc & the snes look fantastic if everything is in harmony it’s the best looking way to play it on a modern the. The oddball refresh rate or sync (I forget which) causes problems to this day for me (mostly audio drops).

The Super NT just works. It’s not as good looking but I find it minor if you are playing on the big screen vs sitting 2 feet from the TV like I do obsessing over the littlest detail.

I also bought a mini and it looks fantastic. I kept my nostalgia snes but after a while I just got used to the snes mini. I agree completely with the feeling of nostalgia for the Volvo snes and wish all snes were the sfc. Even still, I kinda wish the snes mini looked.more like the sfc mini.


But the only difference is the colours of the buttons?


The grey buttons on the machine are better than purple and I like the label better.

The embossed logo is just terrible on the NA Super NES Mini.