Thoughts on B/S/T pricing

I remember we had a discussion in the discord a long time ago about how b/s/t should work and one thing I wanted to circle back on is pricing.

I’d like to throw out the idea of requiring prices when listing items for sale. Having been a seller and buyer at various communities, I feel those that require prices tend to run smoother for both parties involved.


Personally I won’t attempt to buy anything that doesn’t have a price attached to it so I would appreciate having it required.

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I’d prefer prefer prices because I feel I’m walking into a possible uncomfortable, potentially insulting conversation. If someone is selling Mario 3 and says make an offer. They might want $40, but I think it’s worth $20. Right away it’s weird. I tend to avoid these situations. I don’t want to insult or piss anyone off. That’s just me.

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I would probably participate in these threads if prices were listed, but I currently don’t. (Edit: Scratch that, I sort of just did)

As of right now, I suppose it’s the seller’s choice as to whether or not they want to list the price. If they’re serious about selling, then it behooves them to list a price as an invitation to at least negotiate. But if they don’t, then they probably aren’t going to get many people to bite. Then again, I’m certainly not speaking from experience as a seller. I can only speak as a buyer. But I’d think it’s in a seller’s own best interest to list a price, even if it’s on the high side.

To be honest, however, the mods and I have generally taken the position to avoid being heavy handed when it comes to rules and moderation. We take the term “moderate” literally when it comes to pushing the direction of things or clamping down. We’ll do it when we need to, and so far, there hasn’t been much to moderate.

So in this case, if there’s a huge demand for it, we’ll probably discuss it. But generally, we like it when the community comes up with its own etiquette. So far it’s worked out well (in most instances). And if someone lists something with no price, I’d prefer if we didn’t have to flag them down or anything.

But if a ton of people start listing items for sale without prices and the section becomes useless for buyers, then we’ll address that. Or if another mod has more of a desire to enforce such a rule because they think it’s necessary, then I’d defer to their decision. By all means, this isn’t set in stone and if you think it’s the wrong approach, let me know.

i think sellers should list prices, and those prices should be no more than $20

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Prices should be required

I prefer prices, but I also prefer no hard rules on things. So whatever a seller prefers to do imo with me making the choice of only really paying attention to ones with prices. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Is this somewhat aimed at me by chance? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m happy to list prices for things, I just figured many here from conversations I’ve had have a fair amount of experience with Ebay, selling locally, etc. so have kept prices open-ended. With market prices always changing, I thought making an offer made more sense, but can give approximate value on my listing(s) if that is what the collective community would prefer.

Nah I’m not targeting anyone by any means. Just noticed a thread or two had no prices and it reminded me of the chat we had in discord a while back and so I thought it best to bring it up for discussion now while the site and the b/s/t section are still in the early stages.

Just to chime in in regard to what others said, as a buyer I personally skip over anything that doesn’t have a price on it.

Yep, totally fair. I added some approximate pricing to my listing regardless. Cheers!

I think the following should be required:

  • Prices
  • Currency
  • Shipping locations (ie: will ship worldwide)
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Good call on currency and shipping. I think those are solid as well and make total sense.

Yeah, good call. :+1:

I’m much the same way. I’d rather not have to enforce this. Perhaps we could strongly encourage it though.

As a buyer I prefer prices, I usually wouldn’t bother otherwise, unless it was something I really really wanted.

I’m not sure what listing without a price achieves for the seller aside from more work negotiating etc.

As a side thought, in case people genuinely don’t know what their stuff should be priced at… another forum I use has threads for WTB, WTS, EOI, and Price Check. I guess we could use something like the Price Check type here if someone has no idea of a ballpark price for what they want to sell.

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I agree with everything in this post.

Prices all the way. Drives me nuts when people don’t list prices, I feel like they’re fishing to rip someone off.

Prices, please.

But more than that: locations. I kinda don’t want to see the stuff for sale in the USA when I’m in the UK.

Prices imo as well. It just feels kinda odd to have to throw out an arbitrary number when making an offer.

It shouldn’t be something the mods have to bother with IMO. I know prices are something I want to see when I look at BST listings, but if you don’t have them it just means I probably won’t check with the seller to see what they want for it unless I really want to haggle.

More important is location. If you’re selling from overseas, people need to know that no matter which side of what sea you happen to be on. :slight_smile:

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Yeah prices is a must or if it’s a unique item then at least a ballpark figure as a guide.

Also given some of us around from the US, it would be great if sellers could state if they ship to X country and advise on how much postage would be to X country.