Thoughts on B/S/T pricing


I decided to throw together a little template based on the feedback here and maybe we could put it in the b/s/t rules thread as a guideline? Or it could be its own stickied thread? Obviously what I have here can change. Just a quick attempt. Would something like this be helpful?


Seller Location/Buyer Location: USA/Canada/Europe/etc.

(if seller)
Shipping to: Continental US/US + International/Europe/etc.

(If buyer)
Buying from: USA/International/Europe/etc

(If seller)
Item name + price and shipping OR shipped price + photo(s) + condition/description

(If buyer)
Item name, condition if applicable (i.e. CIB only)


Oh yes definitely. So long as the required info is present then that would give buyers the ability to decide quicker and better without asking the same questions over and over everytime a seller has something to sell.

One of the reasons why I didn’t buy often from the old forum was because sellers never disclosed where the item was located and how much they would charge for shipping. I only ever bought something if I knew from past knowledge that the user was from the UK.


Even though I prefer prices I still don’t think we should aim for being so heavy handed on rules and mandatory guidelines. Let people do what feels right for them and others can make the choice of buying from them or not.


Personally I see no issue in providing suggested guidelines. It’s not something that needs moderation. Just something helpful to guide people. Not everyone is familiar with dealing in b/s/t forums and people might appreciate some more detailed guidelines as far as what to do. I know I would have when I was starting out in b/s/t communities vs learning by trial and error what best practices are.

My 2 cents, but I’m biased given that I’m the OP of this thread @_@


Thanks for the discussion everyone, We’re drafting something extra to add to our guidelines in response to this feedback.


Thanks all for being so receptive to community feedback!