Tim Rogers' 1994: The Kotaku Review (Tim's top 25 games of 1994)

If you know Tim Rogers, you already know what to expect - it’s part his character, part his stories, and part his knowledge about games. He goes in-depth about 1994, about the state of gaming in that era and he mentions his Top 25 games of that year.

I loved that he mentioned Monster World IV in #22! Really love that game. Don’t know if you can tell.

If you know Tim Rogers from before you may probably have guessed what his #1 is already, and yeah, I agree with him. While I may not consider it my favorite game ever (it’s #2, right behind Vagrant Story), it stands as the most important game I’ve ever played and probably one of the few ones, if not the only one, that actually changed something in me. It changed me as a person, showed me a whimsical maturity, and has perhaps made me someone better. I agree 100% with his thoughts on that game.


I just wanted to say, this video was amazing!

Tim has a great autobiographical style which appeals to my sense of humour, and humanity.
Kind of like a sadder, edgier Sean Plott (aka Day9).

It also reminded me of a game I haven’t played since probably '94-'95. Ninja Warriors for Super Nintendo.
I have great memories of grinding this at a friend’s house, and the visuals from this game have stuck with me, and will sometimes come to mind when I see something from Metal Slug, Contra, Streets of Rage etc. But until this I’ve never been able to recall it.

I’ve since watched Tim’s games if the decade and 2019. What a champ.

While I’m sure my choices and order would be different (Earthbound is so overrated today), I’m impressed to see System Shock was included. That’s my top game of 1994.

The current gen version is also great.