TV-Out Mod for DS or DS Lite?

Quick question, I know one has been recommended before either here or on the Discord but I can’t remember what it’s called/where I saw it and Google isn’t giving me any love.

What’s the best TV-out mod for DS? I seem to remember one with a board you can solder in. I don’t mind soldering to a pretty high difficulty level and don’t mind sacrificing a console to make it dedicated to TV-out.

Thanks RGB :heart::green_heart::blue_heart:

I’m not sure if there’s one for the DS but I think it makes more sense to get the 3ds mod instead. Then you get DS and 3ds!

Also this isn’t what you were asking but you could do DS VC injection on the WiiU for TV play

Thanks! I was thinking 3DS TV-Out might scale DS strangely like on the actual system or have borders?

Wii U actually sounds like a good alternative too.

I guess I’m envisioning like, two CRTs stacked, one showing the top screen and one showing one bottom screen.

Actually, you could just do a TATE CRT screen. You don’t need two.

There’s a video I saw somewhere on YouTube of this.

Edit: here

That looks great! I’d rather not emulate though so kinda hoping for a hardware solution. I imagine the hardware solutions would do TATE though too?

most models (to PC) TV Kit extra only for New models LIMITED STOCK

DS (to PC)

3DS (to PC)

3DS only (to PC) OFFLINE

DS and 3DS (to TV) OFFLINE

Not sure you’ll be able to split over two CRTs

I’ve been playing DS using SNESC DraStic emulator and it offers some great layout features. But no Tate.

Thanks, they look cool!

But I wonder if you have to run it into a PC rather than just a display? I see one of them is USB only…

Good point. I’ve added extra info above.

Only one outputs to TV and it’s the one with a $30 money off coupon this Christmas :christmas_tree:

The issue of scaling using a 3DS is one for the manufacturer of the video out solution. But you should be able to at least hold Select whilst loading the DS game to have it display at native resolution.

Some guy in that thread talking about how he could possibly make a VGA mod for the 3ds :open_mouth:

Which means 240p output would be off the table. I wonder why his mind goes straight to VGA :thinking:. Thetr must be some technical reason.

You’re assuming he knows what he’s talking about.

I didn’t go through the whole thread but I see them talking about a VGA plug. Most people incorrectly refer to RGBHV and the Dsub 15 plug as VGA.

The gamegear does " VGA out" but its actually RGBHV @ 240p