Unrelated games with identical titles

I always find it quite fascinating when games have identical titles but are otherwise completely unrelated. This mostly happened in the early days of gaming, but I’m sure there are also some modern examples.

Here’s a few to get started:

Barbarian (Palace Software, 1987)

Barbarian (Psygnosis, 1987)

Barbarian (Titus, 2002)

Star Fox (Nintendo, 1993)

Starfox (Ariolasoft, 1987)

Star Fox (Mythicon, 1983)

Thunder Force (Tecno-Soft, 1984)

Thunderforce (Hewson, 1987)

Vampire Killer (Konami, 1987)

Vampire Killer (Scorpio Gamesworld, 1984)

Do you guys know some more?

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For some reason the first game that came to mind was Fantasian (2021, Mistwalker), there was an RPG in 1985 with the same name on PC-88!


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Not completely unrelated, but can also be continued with…

So very very strange the same company re-used a title for a completely separate game in another region… and for a game developed partly to cash in on the recent Dracula movie (compare the typeface to the Coppola movie poster) it was so strange to drop the Dracula name from the game, when it was the Japanese title of the series…


Portal (Valve, 2007)

Portal (Activision, 1986)

Dante’s Inferno (Electronic Arts, 2010)

Dante’s Inferno (Beyond, 1986)

I owned the Commodore 64 game and liked it, mainly because of its rather grim atmosphere and challenging gameplay. You’ve only got one life to beat the game, so one single mistake could spell your doom. Suffice to say I’ve never completed it, like so many impossibly hard C64 games.

Also, I thought the box art was pretty damn metal!

Dante’s inferno is a book/poem/political commentary from Italy, as Dante makes his way through hell, purgatory and eventually heaven, so it’s not surprising to see something using the concept as a game. I played DI n the PS3 and quite enjoyed it, I was unaware of one on the C64 though. Might have to have a gander.
After playing the more recent one, I was inspired enough to find the book. It was… challenging, not what I would class a casual reader for the bog. Still somewhat interesting and its the basis for many of the average imagery we have for heaven/hell today.


I’ve always been interested in the concept, but I’ve never read the book because it all sounded a bit daunting. Guess that’s indeed the case.

And here’s another one! Well, two, I guess.

Exile (Renovation, 1991)

Exile (Superior Software, 1988)

From crude graphics to lewd graphics: here’s Glass!

Glass (Quicksilva, 1985)

Glass (Gaelco, 1993)

Glass (Blue Cloud Inc., 2020)

The first barbarian you have there is so fun multiplayer. My brother and I used to spend hours on the Amiga trying to chop each other’s heads off.

Eyyyea! Eyyyea! Then the goblin comes by and drags your corpse off, kicking your head. LOL

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Yeah, I also loved that game (I had the C64 version). Immediately chopping off your opponent’s head at the start of a match was always so satisfying.

Never managed to beat that sorcerer chap at the end, though.

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I don’t think I really ever played it single player… I should.

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Vendetta (Konami, 1991)

Vendetta (System 3, 1990)

Konami’s Vendetta game is an excellent beat 'em up. I have yet to play the System 3 Vendetta game, but that one’s also supposed to be really good.

If there’s one thing I’d love to see a re-release of, it’s System 3’s home computer output. I’d pay good money for a collection featuring Vendetta, the Last Ninja games, the International Karate games, Myth, Dominator, Turbo Charge, Bangkok Knights, Flimbo’s Quest and Tusker!

I loved that arcade game and when I heard about Vendetta on the C64 I was super excited, and then a little disappointed. But C64 Vendetta wasn’t bad. I just had no idea how to progress…

I also had this game called Vendetta as well.

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Never heard of this one! It reminds me of Empire City: 1931.

Thunder Fox (Taito, 1990)

Thunderfox (Aztec Design, 1988)

Agony (Psygnosis, 1992)

Agony (Madmind Studio, 2018)

BreakThru (Britt Monk CDP, 1982)

BreakThru (Data East, 1986)

BreakThru (Spectrum HoloByte, 1994)

Fun bit of trivia for this game: BreakThru is commonly attributed to being designed by Alexey Pajitnov, who also originally designed Tetris. However, despite Pajitnov’s name and face being on the game’s title screen and box art, the PC version of the game clearly states that he only “endorses” it and his only actual credits for the game is a “Special Thanks”.

Thanks to the Halloween thread I found out about a game called Virus for the Saturn. Just so happens that I used to love playing Virus for the Amiga back in the day, completely different games.

Virus for the Sega Saturn


Virus for the Commodore Amiga



Chiller on the C64


Chiller on the NES



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Good one!

I mean, uhh, two.

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Unreal (Epic MegaGames, 1998)

Unreal (Ubi Soft, 1990)

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