What are you playing these days?


I just finished RiME (credits, not 100% collectables or achievements)

Oh :sob:


Yeah, it’s a very sad ending. It does an emotional gut punch… even more so if you have kids.


Started playing Tetris Plus this weekend. Bought it for the cool looking puzzle mode which is very well executed. Endless is alright but without the luxury of wallkicks I find myself messing up whenever the game speed/tempo gets fast.

That said, it isn’t a perfect arcade port due to the music having early CD audio limitations attached to it.

Basically, whenever you level up the game speed gets either slower or faster, with the tempo of the music changing to match. In the arcade game (https://youtu.be/_MMpdik7tqs) it’s all seamless since the audio is generated by the game’s program, but on PlayStation the track restarts completely, which is really noticeable when these game speed changes happen frequently.

The audio not looping is also more noticeable in the puzzle mode, where game speed isn’t changing in the same way.

It’s a shame as the game’s great otherwise. There is still something strange about ports of arcade titles like this which even include the original arcade audio as an option, yet play back their music as if you are listening to an audio CD instead of generating audio with samples via the audio chip

Edit: Tried Tetris X. It’s just standard Tetris for the era really. As exciting as V-Tetris on Virtual Boy was.


Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, and it is excellent. Highly recommended if you are a Suda51 fan. There is no other game like it, nor could there be, really. Even non-fans should consider it if you like your games to be punk rock cool.


Super Mario Odyssey - Finished the main Story. I liked it but I’m not sure if I’ll finish the bonus content.

Ass Creed Odyssey - Very much a gind fest but I’m glad I finished it. I think I’m done with open world games for a while.

Lightening Force - I made it half way through stage 8 on 1 credit. I started playing the Saturn port of TFIV to see any differences.

Hyper Duel - It’s a good game but so far doesn’t feel $400+ good.

Octopath Traveler - I’ve finished chapter 1 for 4 characters. It’s a lot of fun and is high on my play list.

Breath of the Wild - I own the Wii U version but never played it. I’m going to give the switch version a try.

Shikhondo - I picked up the switch version for $4.75 from the eshop and it’s good but easier than expected.

I have Kingdom Hearts 3 and Ace Combat 7 in the play que.


Tried playing ace combat 7. I tried giving it a chance but it’s just not for me. Gonna try and sell it and get resident evil 2.


L.A. Noire on Switch.

Even with the cartridge it requires a 13.1GB download! eShop version is 29GB!


PikuNiku on Switch


Pokemon Red ++ v3.0.2 - HARD MODE
A very good hack of Red version which uses the disassembled rom as a base. It’s a quite modern hack, which fixes most gen 1 bugs, and comes packed with much needed quality of life changes too. Also has gen 2 colours, physical/special split, and gen 1 and 2 mons, plus their evos, updated movesets and type changes in line with current gen.

Every year to 18 months I get the itch to play a game freak title. I’d tried an earlier version of this a while ago, but most recent patch has a lot more polish.

I couldn’t get it to play nicely on a Bennvenn custom flashable Pokemon Crystal cart, so I elected to make a cia for the 3ds.
It’s using Gambatte as the emulator, and it’s been flawless to my mind. Plus there’s a fast forward button (hard mode requires significant grinding early on).

Highly recommended.

If you’re more interested in a Johto, Polished Crystal is an excellent hack in the same vein.

Screenshot of my n3DSxl.

What bilinear filter? I apologise for nothing!


A Hanafuda Koi-Koi game from MSX-FAN 1994-06 cover mounted floppy disk. This one is quite unique as it features a shop where you can spend points on special cards that really mix up the standard game.

Playing through RetroArch fMSX on my N3DS.


Tetris With Cardcaptor Sakura. This is quality. I always like it when a licensed game - well this time, two licenses - is handled with love and care, and Arika was such a good pick for this given their involvement with TGM.

The main story mode is a series of 20 or so stages where your sole objective is to eliminate blocks that have jewels in them. The positioning of these blocks gets more and more interesting and demanding as you progress, and there are often external factors that you need to deal with - like a stage which mirrors itself every so often, or a level that hides all your placed tetrominos behind shadow.

At first it seems like the challenge is to just clear these stages without making a mess of tetromino blocks above the gem blocks, but the real challenge is pretty smart: Your time limit carries over from stage to stage, and you only have 20 minutes to clear the entire game. So there’s an incentive to go back to previous levels and optimise your run. Moreso if you make it to the second-to-last stage like me with just 20 seconds left on the clock.

My only nit-pick is the maddeningly sensitive soft drop. When combined with the very short window of timing you get when the pieces lock in it’s easy to unintentionally manoeuvre a falling piece into the wrong place. I’m using the Namco arcade stick too!

Going to try and finish the game on normal difficulty later today!


I need to play this!


It’s really good! I prefer it to Tetris Plus’ puzzle mode since the Tetrominos you’re given aren’t random (you can cycle through three premade sets per level)

Just finished it. Even though I’m not familiar with the anime there’s also a lot to love from the CC Sakura side. The soundtrack, while not originally composed for the game, is excellent.


Hey everyone, it’s Monday, what’s on your playlist for this week? I’ve got a few I’m planning on sinking some time into:

Resident Evil 2 - Xbox One: I’ve put about 2 hours into this so far, and as a HUGE Resident Evil fan, I’m absolutely loving it. RE2 is my favourite in the series, and the game I’m most familiar with, so seeing the Raccoon City Police Department redone is super thrilling. What’s impressive is how fresh the game feels, even though it really is VERY similar to the original.

Zelda 2 - The Adventure of Link - NES (Nintendo Switch): Inspired by Fuzzy’s post in the “Retro game you just beat” thread, I’ve picked Zelda 2 back up. Only played about 45 minutes last night in bed, but already I’m having fun leveling up and getting ready for the first Palace. It’s the first time I’ve played around with the NES games on the Switch for more than a few minutes, and I’m impressed by the emulation. I haven’t played Zelda 2 since I was in high school when I beat my old NES cart, so I’m excited to get to some of the later areas that Ij had a lot of trouble with to see how I fare this time around.

Thursday is my “Games night” with a couple friends who live out of town, and we usually play either Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, or Call of Duty Black Ops 4, so I’ll put some time into either one of those as well.

Finally, I might go back to do a couple of last things in Red Dead Redemption 2. I finished it last night, but there’s a couple side quests I wouldn’t mind tidying before I completely move away from it.


Been meaning to play Final Fantasy V for years now, and I picked up a boxed copy of FFV Advance a few months ago but never got round to starting it.

Until now - really looking forward to what seems like classic Final Fantasy.


Finishing up the first case of Jake Hunter Ghost of the Dusk. Been plugging away at it before bed every night, it’s a good game to wind down with. The story so far has been interesting with a few twists and turns, and I’m curious to see how it wraps up.


Kirby Star Allies - Finished. It was an easy game but a lot of fun.

Octopath Traveler - There’s a lot of grinding here. I finished part 1 of all 8 character’s stories.

Hyper Duel - The game is growing on me. I just found out if you’re in mech form there’s no area collision.

Muchi Much Pork - A fun cute em up. I’m working on understanding the scoring system.

Thunder Force V - I’m revisiting this after playing TF IV. I like it but not as much as IV. Must be the music.

Smash - Still unlocking characters slowly.

Breath of the Wild - I own this game on Wii U but I just started playing it on the switch.

Dead Cells - It’s a lot of fun and the switch seems like a perfect place to play it.


Nice! I put about 10 hours into the mobile version, which I think is a port of the GBA version, over the holidays, but haven’t had a chance to get back into it too much. The job system is fun.


Ah yes, the mobile version is indeed based on the GBA games. It’s a shame that Square Enix lost the original materials. Looking forward to experimenting with the job system!

  • Gabbuchi: BOXBOY-inspired game from Sapporo-based studio h.a.n.d

  • Psyvariar Delta

  • Planetarian

  • Densha de Go Pocket Chuosenhen (PSP)

  • Densha de Go Yamanote Line Revival (DS)

Impressions to come but they are all pretty good games in their respective genres.