What do you all like to play when you are sick?

My son gave me the flu, so I’m home from work. i just started the Last Guardian, so I’ll probably keep playing that.

What are your favorite games when you guys are under the weather?

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Luigis Mansion is my go to. I rented it back in the day when I was home sick and it’s just always stuck with me as my “sick game”

It’s fun, relaxing and can be beat in a few hours.

This may sound strange but I usually start and try to finish something I’ve never played before.

I’m sick right now and have been playing Grim Fandango Remastered. Last time I was seriously sick I started and finished Steam World Dig.

Cough splutter Back to it I guess!

Me, my wife, and my 1 year old son all got sick at the same time a couple weeks ago. I was slightly the least sick and was in charge of taking care of my son for quite a few days where he was extremely picky and only wanted to sleep on top of me while I was sitting or standing.

So… I managed to spend about 17 hours over the course of a few days doing little more than playing Civilization V. I couldn’t really do much else because I had to hold my son with one arm while he slept, and in terms of 1 arm’d PC games it’s a pretty good choice and something I really don’t have the time otherwise to play.

I think going forward it’s going to become my sick day game of choice.

Binding of Isaac Afterbirth - its visuals perfectly match a fever dream and make for a fitting combo. And when you’re sick, you can’t rely on yourself to play well at every moment, so the fact that each run is different helps hide some of the realities of how poorly you’re playing.

Being sick is the time I don’t want to play anything. I usually just sit and watch TV (shows or movies).

Glad to know I’m not alone. :smiley: I can’t even play with my handhelds, I just don’t enjoy it.

Yeah, if I’m truly sick with a flu-like illness I rewatch favorite shows like The Office, Simpsons and Always Sunny.

Last time I got really sick I repeatedly tried jumping back into online Splatoon (was addicted). Had to bow out after a couple matches because I could barely sit upright and stay focused. Running around in Odyssey wasn’t so bad.

I generally don’t play anything when I’m sick. I’m one of those people that lays in bed and just stares into space until better.

Yeah. Sick means sleep or TV watching for me. Games come when I finally feel better.

I have a few things I do when I’m sick and often gaming isn’t on the menu. Usually I watch princess bride, ghost in the shell if it happens to be raining, I flip flop between a full viewing of lord of the rings or star wars saga machete cut.

If I game, it’s usually a portable so whatever I’m in the mood for on that.

I don’t play anything. I sit on the couch and watch “Ferris Bueller’s day off” so that I can pretend my sweats and vomiting are part of an elaborate plan where I drive up to the city and party all day.

Especially if the illness is causing nausea. Playing games is the last thing I’d want to do.