You went against Overlord's wishes, now for your punishment...

You’ll be locked in a room by yourself, for the remainder of your days.

You get to take one console and three games, what do you choose? No compilations or flashcarts.

(Thread idea stolen from /vr/, I thought it would be cool to see what you guys have to say)


Trevor McFur
Club Drive



Shining Force
Streets of Rage 2
Sonic 2


not sure if serious


Rocket League

Gotta pick games with good online multiplayer to stay sane.

Shit, I should have specified if internet would be available.

Assuming no internet here:


Minecraft (unlimited things to do)
GTA V (almost unlimited things to do)
Red Dead Redemption II (many things to do)

Ultimately I think I’d end up hating all of them, as I don’t do well with playing games over and over unless they’re online competitive. These three might give me the best chance at longevity.

edit: I don’t even own a PS4.

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Phantasy Star 2 -I figure I will have plenty of time to map out dungeons and grind. Also, dat ending

Snatcher - like a favorite novel, worth revisiting for the rest of my days

Lunar - see Snatcher


Interesting choices. I like the old school RPG idea, something you need to map and spend lots of time in.

The old school dungeon crawlers like Ultima Underworld, Dungeon Master and Eye Of The Beholder come to mind.

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This is basically every normal kids life, one game for a long period (not life but a year feels like it when you’re 10)

And they choose Minecraft more often than not, so that’s probably the answer.

Also maybe Okami since it takes 923 hours to finish?


Sonic 1 8-bit. Since I speed run it, It would help with getting a World record.

Wii sports: for exercizing

Brain Academy: Brain food

Dont feel line turning into a vegetable, so these would help. Yes I prefer sports to resort.

Sports has a more iconic presentation than resort. But resort feels more fun to play for me personally. I’m curious, why you prefer the original over Resort?

Sweet, how are your times? Do you have your runs on

Sports feels less unpolished. You think that would be bad, but the imprecise controls actually make it more “user friendly” and “beginner friendly” aswell. Also boxing and homerun batting are my jam, tennis being a third choice. I line some games on resort, specially the sword fighting and archery, but the rest are to Boring for me. This is all personal opinion though.

I don’t have any posted times sadly, as I only had one run I actually liked (and many, many crummy ones.), and it was not recorded. I stopped running because of personal issues, but Im in the process of moving from where I live and one of my goals is to resume streaming speedruns, specially master system games and randomizers.

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Cool, keep me posted, I’d love to watch some master system stuff! You have a youtube I can sub to?

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I dont, not now at least. When I start streaming and archiving runs on YouTube, I’ll let you know. :grinning:

Edit: how about answering with 3 multiplayer games If you were locked with a friend?

Mine would be:
Double Dungeons (VC)
Super Smash Bros Brawl
Wii Party
(Never played Wii Mario party games so dunno If they are fun enough)



Mario Kart Wii
Wii Sports Resort

Good thought exercise.

Gamecube and NDS original and lite have some interesting GBA options, and Wii has VC and Gamecube backwards compatibility.

But I have to go with:

Starcraft 2: Has Broodwar mechanics as UMS maps. No multiplayer hurts, but high skill ceiling and engrossing nature means it shouldn’t get too boring. Include Alphazero AI computer opponents with scalable difficulty, for realistic opponents.

Hollow Knight: With mods, randomizers particularly. Scratches platformer and Metroid style itch. Speedrunable.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: Tonnes to do, and ways to approach this game. I have yet to finish a master save file (everything you could possibly do before the first mission), but that’s been fun as hell in itself. Has good car race mechanics. Has good visual mods too.

noteworthy omissions
Mine-fricken-craft: Redstone contraptions, and artistic outlet could be cool, but perhaps my cell has real-world artistic expression opportunities?
Procedurally generated worlds somewhat prelude stale play.

Morrowind (or some other significant RPG) for multiples different class builds, challenge runs, etc.

Yeah I really think Minecraft is the essential choice. Anyone could occupy many years with that one.

PC would 100% be my choice, but I wanted to choose a console to make me think a bit about it.