Gaming goals during the outbreak?

so besides just waiting on animal crossing, i’m trying to get a few things checked off my to-do list, wanted to see if others had similar efforts or even input on mine!

  • -RGB bypass for my AES: waiting to hear back from a local shop on this!

  • Readjust Dreamcast pots: had a friend switch out an old disc drive a while back, in the time since there’s games like Giga Wang and others that just don’t load. is this hard to do? should i just have the same shop do this?

  • -force 240p on GC GBA stuff: i bought some GC memory card SD thing a while back, i have no idea what i’m doing here.

  • softmod OG xbox: i hear this isn’t hard either, i basically just wanna play the fan translation of Rent-A-Hero one day. also, the idea of saving the drive by not loading discs is always nice.

what about y’all? also taking suggestions here!


A couple of things come to mind:

  1. Make sure I get my PC Engine Mini. I had it ship to my office but with working from home being enforced I need to ensure it gets redirected to home, luckily Amazon Global should use Fedex or DHL, and I’m hoping there will be the option to change the delivery address there. Changing it on my pre-order would have meant losing the order completely as it goes back to the bottom of the queue…

  2. Get back into Ring Fit Adventure! Was playing this daily until I went to Japan last November, never made time for it on returning. Now’s the perfect time though…

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My life doesn’t change much cause I work from home anyway. But I’m trying to keep off the non-stop news train, which should free up time that I’m trying now to pour into my old favourite Dragon Warrior 7 on PS1.


My work hasn’t changed, yet.

I bought a month of PSNow. I played through Shadow the Tomb Raider, and part of Control before losing interest. I will check out some more games on the service but I don’t plan on renewing it.

For old school, I plan on replaying a bunch of FC/NES games like Rockman 2, Shinobi, Base Wars, Spelunker, Balloon Fight, Arkanoid, Section Z, etc…

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I also work from home so work has perhaps become trickier given the kids being around more.

I want to play more Wii/DC/PS2, no strict goals. Party games with the family.

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I can walk you through this when you’re ready. It’s super easy.

I work from home most days as well. For me, I’d really like to get my NES to SMS controller conversions done, as well as recapping my VIC-20s.

For gaming, Rocket League pass #6 is coming out, so ill be playing that for sure. I’m also nearing the tail end of Alien Isolation, so I want to get that done.

I also need to get some Wings of Wor in for the tournament, and I’m SO CLOSE to finishing Xeno Crisis and Enter the Gungeon.

Get back on the Rocksmith train and find a game my friends all have to catch up with each week. We normally catch up once a week and play some board games so looking for something to keep it going remotely.

I want to finish my current season of WRC8 in the big class then I will start to play Dirt Rally 2 properly.
Also continue playing Grid Autosport on Xbox back compatibility.
And dive into PS2 shmups now that I’ve got a mod chip fitted & a HD plugged in.
Also switch on my newly RGH’d 360 for the first time & try to set it up, I want to fit a larger internal HD but haven’t the foggiest how to do it…yet.

I really wanted to get the pc engine mini and a new switch with animal crossing new horizon but since I pre ordered late they were not going to arrive till sometime April onwards something I was uncomfortable with regarding this current situation.

I still got my retro games and consoles to keep me busy but I guess the real deal for me is Phantasy Star Online 2 open beta now available to everyone with an XB1 console. Even if you are outside of the US just switch console regions, reboot, download game and change region back and play.

Hopefully this will tide me for some time till things become a bit more stable for me to venture out regularly

my PSO2 Force/Techer


i need an action replay or something first, yeah? I’ve only got freeloader at the moment

I think you should be able to do it with freeloader if I’m not mistaken. I do use action replay though.

Been playing through Doom Eternal since Saturday. I will attempt to complete that. Also been playing a bunch of Call of Duty: Warzone. It’s excellent. I already set myself up with software for PC game streaming and did that with Doom yesterday. Next step is to hook up the Elgato I bought before Christmas and stream some retro too.

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I’ve almost finished Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz (Wii) which has been great. Really had to stop myself going for all the bananas though. I’d never finish it.

I’ve also been playing a bit of NHL Slapshots, which is a really great game. I enjoy Ice Hockey games ever since the Sensible Soccer-like NHL 94 on Mega Drive.

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I’m gonna get ripped.


Wishing I had Ring Fit Adventure…

Love the UI in Wii Fit. It’s so well done.

UK just got locked down, so it’s gaming to save lives at this point.

Been trying to 1cc Daimakaimura/Ghouls’n’Ghosts. I can get to level 4 now. I’m getting close.


I have this list of games on the docket before buying more on PS4:
Uncharted 3
Final Fantasy X
God of War
Uncharted 4
Pillars of Eternity

But mostly I’m fucking around on the 3DS. Playing Gun Hazard as a VC inject and also got the translation for Slime Mori Mori 3 ready to go. I’m locking down at my family’s spot but I want to bring over my Wii U, PSP, and Saturn from my own place so I have even more shit lined up.

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I’m away from my NES so can’t continue my Dragon Warrior II journey for now - I’m at my SO’s place in the next state riding out this lockdown.

So I’m going to be playing a lot of Switch, 3DS, DSi, GBA and GBC. Those are the systems I packed along with like, 50 carts :sweat_smile:.

Right now, I’m enjoying Animal Crossing New Horizons (today was my first day with it) and am also doing a random new play through of Mario Odyssey this week. I needed something joyful and fun to take my mind off the news this week, and it fit the bill.

Also, I’ve started playing some Cypt of the Necrodancer last week into this one and finally reached Zone 4. It’s an addictive little gem that gets quite challenging.

My gaming goals are to give my handhelds some love (which I usually ignore for console games) and to just keep my sanity while on lockdown.