What is going on with Wonder Boy?

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The Wonder Boy games are being removed from the Switch version of the Mega Drive collection and the MS games were omitted from the recent Master System book due to legal complications that the author didn’t want to get into. Anyone know just what is going on here?

The only thing I could find was from the smspower forums: http://www.smspower.org/forums/17143-SegaMasterSystemAVisualCompendiumKickstarterBook

As far as I understand the book can’t use screenshots/visual material of any of the WB games.

Wait, is Wonder Boy forbidden to appear in books now or what the heck.

Yes unfortunately. As pointed out we all tried really hard to help fix that situation, but there was a tangible risk that SOJ would suddenly decide to retract themselves for the entirety of the book.

(From Bock, author of the Wonder Boy III remake and of a few articles in the book)

So it’s not really a licensing problem (you don’t need any authorisation of the copyrights holders to write about something or publish a single screenshot of a whole videogame), but more that SEGA would cancel its association with the book if they didn’t comply.

As to why, I have no idea.

Wonder Boy

…developed and programming owned by Escape (who became Westone, bankrupt and liquidated in 2014) who also remade the game with Hudson (almost bankrupt, stock went public, bought by Konami and ceased to exist as an individual entity in 2005), and original trademark owned by Sega (almost bankrupt, bought out by Sammy and ceased to exist an individual entity in 2004). :wink:

Still, who knows why they were removed from the latest Mega Drive collection. But given how many there have been over the years, there’ll probably be another Mega Drive collection in a few weeks anyway.

What games are on the new collection that are being removed for the Switch version?

This is what really makes me wonder what is going on. Like seems like something personal to SEGA, especially with the recent remake of Dragon’s Trap and then the other one that isn’t using the “Wonder Boy” name that just came out. And is being delivered today.

Really makes you wonder…




. >:C

The most confusing series of games just got more confusing.

I really hope Wonder Boy doesn’t go the way of Ecco, which also had some legal/ownership shenanigans going on recently earning it the axe.

Seems people have been able to work around it, what with “Monster Boy” that just came out. Even if I would like another in the series that isn’t based around the form switching from Dragon’s Trap. While I enjoyed (Monster World) 4 I do think Monster World 3 was my favorite. While probably a better game I felt some of the free roaming exploration that I loved from 3 was lost in 4 but it’s been a long time since I replayed it.

What’s so confusing about Wonder Boy V Monster World III?

Also nothing confusing about the official ports Bikkuriman World, Dragon’s Curse and The Dynastic Hero which don’t feature Wonder Boy or Monster World!

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Which makes MonsterWorld IV Wonderboy VI - but there is no boy in it.

Also, nothing weird about the first entry in Hudson’s Flagship series, Adventure Island, being a weird reskin of Wonder Boy 1.

Well the Mega Drive collection is out on Switch now and it’s confirmed: no Wonder Boy games. Sadly this esteemed series goes the way of Ecco, Ecco 2 and Sonic 3, into legal limbo. At least Sega got all the Tecnosoft IPs but the dream of having a half-decent Mega Drive compilation (both in terms of game selection and emulation quality) seems well and truly dead.

My guess is just like Ed Annunziata tried to wrest control of Ecco from Sega (the details of that “amicable settlement” are unknown), maybe Nishizawa attempted to do the same with Wonder Boy. It fits the same pattern of games which Sega have had no qualms re-releasing many times over suddenly going missing when the creator attempts to make a comeback. All just speculation of course!

Is Ecco in the Master System book?

No sightings so far but no mention of it in the seeking permission updates either.

I still never played Ecco. Is it a good game?

Yes, especially the Japanese version with the reduced difficulty: more air pockets, reduced enemies, introduction of level checkpoints. The original western release is a bit too hard for its own good. Mega CD version has really good music.

Didnt know there were differences between the regions. Its a very unique game for sure, and its fun for a while, but gets a bit tedious imo. I also played quite far in the sequel which has some more variation, but is still mostly the same. I would say definitely check it out if you are interested in a very different action-adventure game. _

The PDF is out, sure enough, no Ecco either.