What is your audio setup?

Nice. What kind of cart/phono stage are you using for the record player? Just curious.

Speakers are dope, but that’s a sexy DC console dust cover.

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Atmos add-on speakers have arrived! I’ll have to set them up this weekend.


Nice, they are going to be great!

Hope so!

I need another 2 pairs of banana plugs so it’s gonna be a few days before I get them set up :slight_smile:

I will report back once I do!

I wish the Wii U and Switch had optical out ports.

The moment I got my Wii U and realized it didn’t do surround through optical: :neutral_face: :expressionless: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :sob:

Nintendo must not care about Dolby Digital and DTS I guess.

It’s a licensing cost thing for them.

Oh yeah, that’s right, I would had liked the option though.

I just run a stereo receiver with nice quality floor speakers for all my stuff. TV, games, records etc. Old school.

The cartridge and stylus are new old stock and standard for the table.
XL-250G cartridge with the Sony ND-250G stylus.
You can read more about the player here https://www.vinylengine.com/library/sony/ps-fl77.shtml

Yet another thing I get stuck on. Budget really. I don’t really have one, just wanting to get something I can be happy with without overspending on what isn’t needed. Basically I want a good receiver that plays nice with video gaming, IE ability to have no extra latency introduced without any hit in sound quality. Not even sure if I care about atmos support, but figure I should since it seems to be the future and wouldn’t want to buy something now that I would have to replace if I change my mind. The space I have my main setup in right now wouldn’t really accommodate atmos yet anyway though.

Then comes the speakers themselves…

Based on what you’ve written I would recommend something like this:


I wouldn’t buy the package though, as the individual pieces often go on sale. Out of that set you would want everything but the sub. If you don’t like the floortsanders they can be swapped out for a pair of bookshelf speakers. You can replace that sub with a Dayton audio 12" sub.

^That right there is a respectable set-up that doesn’t obliterate your wallet.

Receiver would depend on what you want. If you want something capable of 5.1.4 or 7.1.4 prepare to shell out big bucks. If you can survive with 5.1.2 it becomes much more affordable.

It’s true, once you hit the 500 dollar and up range, home theater in a box can actually be pretty good if you want something that is fairly plug and play without needing to think too much.

Not everyone needs AV separates and individually sold speakers, especially if your space isn’t big and you just want to do decent surround sound.

I wouldn’t call the pioneer set an HTiB system. I feel like those are usually composed of a small sub, small satellite speakers with a small center, and a basic receiver, all of which are capable of fitting in one big box.

The Andrew Jones set is just a set of proper bookshelf speakers and/or floorstanders with a sub, grouped together to make purchasing more convenient. The weakest link there is definitely the sub which is why the usual recommendation is to buy seperate and get a different sub.

It is an attractive proposition, especially when I was looking at individual speakers that run for $500.

I went with the no thinking option with the soundbar to keep me held over till I can make a proper system so just being simple plug and play isn’t a necessity. Of course that doesn’t mean it isn’t something I will consider if it is the best option, but again that is my problem. Too many options and choices and I have a bit of a problem with choice paralysis.

My personal opinion is a sound bar is never the answer. I know many disagree with me. But I urge you not to waste your money on something like that because you’re going to want to upgrade it anyway.

I believe he already has the soundbar. Anyways, I’m with Peltz on this one.

If space is a concern you can go with a 2.1 system, or do like I did and go with mini monitors all the way around. I didn’t have the room for proper bookshelf speakers so I went with Super Zero 2.1 speakers. They can’t produce as much bass as a full bookshelf speaker, but paired with a beefy sub they’re good to go.

Correct, I have it already. Got it as a deal with the TV I just got and am using it as bridge to hold me over till I upgrade, so went into it knowing its lost monies.