What is your audio setup?


Gotcha. Reading comp fail on my part. Well if you ever think up a budget and have your room dimensions handy, let us know.


I have a Sonos 5.1 setup for my main TV, and a set of Logitech speakers with a sub for my PVM. I have all retro consoles routed to output to both the PVM and my TV via the OSSC simultaneously. I used to work for Sonos, so I got the pieces in the setup either free or heavily discounted.

I have a Toshiba CRT in my bedroom that I just use the integrated speakers on, maybe I’ll upgrade with another Logitech 2.1 setup or something, IDK for now.


AVR: Onkyo HTX-22HD + SKS11 for 5.1

I’m currently running my Switch, SNES mini, Wii U and Apple TV through it. Copes with everything I’ve ever thrown at it. Great sound!

Headphones: SuperLux HD668b


I have all my modern and retro consoles hooked up to a Sony STR-DH770 7.2 Ch. Receiver using some old Sony speakers that came with my parents old theater in a box till I can save up for some nicer ones. I used to have some old zenith DVD player with 2.1 setup that was a hand me down before this so my current setup sounds great to me.
For headphones I’m just using some cheap monoprice ones I picked up a while ago so any recommendations for a good budget pair would be appreciated.


Are you worried about disturbing anyone? If not I highly recommend the Sennheiser HD598. My buddy and I rock them. Soooooo good.


Unless I’m at a library I don’t think I’ll have to worry about disturbing someone thankfully, what’s more important is that I am still able to hear my surroundings since I am constantly called upon. I’ve heard a lot of good things about sennheiser headphones and these look like a good entry point,thanks for the recommendation.


Then yeah those headphones will do the trick. You’ll still be able to hear what’s going on around you to a certain extent given their open nature.


Hey you’re in luck!

I would jump on those :slight_smile:


Onkyo are a very nice brand. I use 2 Onkyo systems myself.


Wow that’s a great price. Thanks, you’ve gone above and beyond in helping me. Can’t wait for to try them out later this week.


I almost went with Onkyo but went for the Denon, maybe someday I’ll get a Onkyo receiver.


No worries! Glad to help. I almost jumped on them as well but had to restrain myself. I already have a pair of 598s that serve me just fine.


I have much older hi fi separates that are in another room but the Marantz stereo amp is having issues with one of it’s channels.

So recently I acquired these. Can’t remember if I posted them on this forum but anyway here they are:

When I buy hi fi stuff I usually check reviews from UK’s Whathifi magazine as they have never let me down with their views. There is a certain kind of sound that they go for and that is balance with clarity and depth.

Onkyo A-9010 amp and Dali Spektor 2 speakers


I started reading whathifi too. I’m learning a lot.


You know Onkyo and Denon were originally the same company? Denki Onkyo.

These days Denon is Marantz and a little Hitachi, and Onkyo is part Pioneer and a little Gibson.

The only thing I wish my Onkyo had was auto power off after X hours. We forget to turn it off so frequently. All that wasted electricity really bothers me!

Edit: in fact, I’m going to keep my eye out for a used HTX-22HDX which has auto power off. Upgrade time!


Wait am I reading this right? Denon and marantz are the same company?




Denon are also good. Can’t go wrong with Denon in most cases.


My Onkyo amp turns off after a short while of inactivity which either delights or frustrates.


Back when I was setting up my home theater system 3 years ago or so I ended up avoiding Onkyo after reading about numerous quality control concerns and how the brand had fallen off the past few years unfortunately. For that reason I went with a Denon. Maybe they’ve since gotten back on track though.