Need recommendations for gaming speakers

I have a $100 Amazon gift card, what kind of speakers would be good value and quality for around that price? I have a 2007 1080p Hitachi plasma with digital optical out and standard red/white AV stereo which I assume I’d need an adapter for depending on the speakers? Anyways, I’m not a huge audiophile type person, just need some good affordable speakers that will really make things like the soundtracks for Mario Galaxy and Radiant Silvergun have the bass that they deserve while also being a decent option for movies.

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I bought these for my upstairs PC and have been really happy with the quality of the sound.

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified Computer Speaker System (Black)


Thanks, I’ve heard good things about this brand. What kind of plug/adapter would you need to connect them to a TV?

The Logitech z623 good sound and they are magnetically shielded so you can pop them nice and snug next to a CRT with no issues.

They have 3.5mm and dual rca inputs so it’s nice and easy to hook them up.

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You’d need a male RCA Y cable to female 1/8" jack adapter I think. These are PC speakers so they use a standard headphone-style connection provided your TV has audio out. Something like this.

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Are these shielded?