What will you game on when/if your CRT dies? Whats your backup plan?


I do love my CRT, but it’s simply a consumer 27", and I think those will still be available for quite some time.

When they aren’t available any more, I find that my love for playing retro games comes from the consoles, games, and especially controllers more than anything. I’d be perfectly happy running my systems through an OSSC once CRTs are no more.


I banked another consumer CRT as a backup last year so I’m good, and with so many still around for cheap/free, that’s how I’ll probably roll. I’d rather keep investing in software over hardware right now. I suspect as time goes on, the ways to play on HD sets will only get better and cheaper.


I’m hoping to learn how to repair my PVM’s and BVM’s but there isn’t a lot of good info out there on it that I’ve been able to track down.


Well after posting this thread about my last PVM almost dying,I got a call today from a studio that I emailed last year saying that they found one more PVM and if I want it. Don’t know the model or if it works,I’ll find out tomorrow. I’m thinking its just a 1954q but who knows. I’m so damn lucky with this shit,lol.


Already moved to a OSSC and its very nice, my worry though is my two Astro City cabs, both have a 29’ screen in and when they go… well duno… not like you could drop in a LCD even if you wanted to…


I’m not a fan of stockpiling just to stockpile, but don’t know how you can go down to 1 CRT after having so many. You should probably grab at least 1 backup if you can spare the space.

Sorry guys, but I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy playing on a scaler :confused:. I’ve tried so many times. Something is missing for me. I think it’s the lack of phosphorescent glow or something
Or maybe just the scaling itself that just makes everything too distinct/sharp/perfect.

I’m honestly not sure what it is. There’s just nothing like a CRT. Even via composite, they’re magical for so many games.

I also think the complete lack of screen curvature for 4:3 content looks off to me. I know not all CRTs curve, and PVMs only do a cylindrical curve compared to what I grew up with (a globe style curve), but I still think that adds something for me.

Team CRT for life (I hope). It’s really sad that we may someday find ourselves completely devoid of the original tech.


If all consumer CRTs and PVMs die, I’ll look into PC monitor CRTs. I’m not ride or die on CRTs, and hope that the FPGA-zation of older consoles continues so that playing on modern displays isn’t trash.


Well I had an extra M4U that I was keeping as backup but a buddy really wanted one so I traded it to him. Having only one is kinda scary but I really don’t use it that often anymore.

Hopefully The one I’m getting this afternoon is in good condition and I can breath a little easier.


I use a 20” JVC PVM. But I also have a 13” Sony PVM sitting around as a back up, as well as a 13” JVC monitor that is more consumer level than pro (only composite and s-vid inputs). I’m always on the lookout for a nice 24, 27, or even 32” Trinitron, too. I’d like to have one as an option for my main.

So I hope to be covered for years to come. But if not, I’m sure I’d be at least OK with all the cool new options coming out. I expect more of that to come, too.


I have 3 PVMs and I am sure I could find a few consumer CRTs with component in if I needed it. I have several LCDs that are compatible with 240p plus the OSSC & Framemeister.

With PC companies getting into the large display business and the fact that these new emulation methods are getting near perfect I might actually (i can’t believe I am typing these words) look into a future where I don’t actually have much more than a few consoles and do more emulated gaming than gaming on original hardware. I would hope that whatever comes in the future, companies like Analogue continue to make hardware. The new HDMI standards are going to make tearing a thing of the past. I am not worried about a future without CRTs but I am worried that the desire for these companies to make scanlines that remotely resemble what CRTs actually look like is not going to be their priority.


I have 4 “backup” CRTs if my BVM dies (I say “backup” because the BVM isn’t even the main one I use for certain games). They’re all in great or near-new condition. But if they all fail I have no problem finding more pro or consumer CRTs.

If I bail on them altogether, I have a low-lag 4K TV with OSSC, a few HDMI/FPGA consoles and a beefy PC with Retroarch (which in my eyes has since solved the input lag problem that it made it a total non-option for me in the past).


Welp got my backup today,1954q for $50. Not bad I guess,gonna need a cap kit for sure. Just gonna put it in the spare bedroom and forget about it,lol. My 2030 has fresh caps and is working fine now so I’m good.


Welcome to the 1954q club, lol. After I sold off the other random bits of the lot I bought, mine was about $50 too.

My caps are good as far as I know. I haven’t taken the case off though.


I also have a 1954q. Seems it was a popular one!


600 tvl ftw!

I bought 10 of these from this guy last year and they were all excellent shape. This must be their last they were hanging on too. I need to take it home and see exactly what’s up with it. I saw some bowing on the sides,which may be fixed in the service menus but I did see some shakey picture. It might be caps or lack of sync. Not worried,just nice to have something Incase the worst happens.


So do you re-cap yourself or do you have someone do it?


I’ve done a it on a Blast City monitor before. I have no idea how many caps need to be done on a PVM though,if its anything like that arcade monitor I’ll just send the board off to someone I know and just pay them. That cap kit was a pain and not something I want to do again.


Dumb question – assuming you can access behind the monitor, do you need to remove it to recap it? I think I’ll need to recap my Naomi monitor at some point soon. (I started getting weird, thin green vertical lines on the far left side of the screen.)

How long does it take? I’ve seen cap kits for sale. Basically what I’m asking is if I can get someone to come over and recap it in the cab, or if I need to take it out, and leave it with someone to service.


Did you recap your 2030 yourself? I have one that needs it (it’s my fave and my preferred long haul monitor) and would be interested in a recommendation if you sent it somewhere… I’m definitely not confident enough to do it myself.


Yeah you’ll need to pull it out and remove the boards. It takes a while,it’s not something someone can come over and do in one sitting unless they know which ones need doing,full cap kit is 50+ capacitors. You can send just boards to someone and have them do it for you,if you are inexperienced that’s what I’d do. Check the arcade forums.