Whatever happened to Quintet?

So im sitting here with Actraiser, really getting into it for the first time, and man its got a perfect balance of sim and action game elements. I know they’re even more well known for the Soul Blazer trilogy too…so whst happened to the team? Did they just split or get absorbed into other companies?

Just thinking of how amazing a modern day Actraiser ( Dragon Quest Builders fits i suppose) let alone Illusion of Gaia semi real life setting jrpg could be today…

Also were they involved in Brainlord?

Well here’s an archive of their old website: https://web.archive.org/web/20071016055539/http://www.quintet.co.jp

“Last updated” in 2002 and went off-line late 2007. Moby Games says their last game was 2006.

Such a shame, I’ve noticed I’ve played and loved most of their games (and still own all of them), but the notable exception is Granstream Saga, never played that. Still worth a playthrough you think?

Isnt that the one where no one has faces for some reason? 3d model wise i mean.

Yes. It was a bit rough.

Terranigma has a spot on my favorite games of all time list. It is sad to me that they never got the notoriety that they deserved, but at least we will always have what they did make. Still wish nigma was on the SNES classic. Would have been great watching people discover how great it was.

I legit love Granstream Saga. Objectively it’s not the best, but I really enjoyed it.

And yes, the character models have no faces.

I kinda of want to give it a shot. But then again, I also have an itch to give Beyond the Beyond a shot, but thats another story. Honestly, if the soundtrack is up to par, i’d have to run through Granstream at some point. I mean after finishing up the initial 3 of course. Is the story somewhat interesting?

I mean I don’t think it’s terrible or anything. It’s just not as good as their previous works.

they peaked at terranigma, though soul blazer was cool too

Confession: I’ve never played a Quintet game before. I should probably change that.

Peaking with one of the best games on a system loaded with goats isn’t bad.

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Peltz, dude, yes yes you do.

I preferred Quartet myself


Adult me acknowledges it’s thoroughly aight at best, but young me was engrossed and thought it was the shit.

Some cool tunes here