Which version of Dragon Quest 3 should I play?

So I’m making my way through Dragon Warrior 1 GBC right now, and I’m thinking of (maybe) skipping my way to Dragon Quest 3 after I’m done with it.

What would be the best version of the game to play? I’m thinking of the mobile version, but I’m worried that it’s a subpar experience due to the cut content. I’m wondering if it’s worth playing the SNES version on my 3DS, or just playing 3 GBC in that case?

All of them seem to be pretty affordable, so cost isn’t an issue.

I’ve done the NES, GBC, and SNES versions many times and my favorite is the GBC version.

Both the GBC and SNES versions have great improvements over the NES versions to smooth out the experience, a bonus dungeon, better looking visuals, battle animations, and more. I like the NES version but if you’ve never done DQ3 stick to one of those.

The GBC version has a really great demake feel and is one of the most impressive GBC games – I really feel that ultimately it has a better look than the SNES verison even though on paper it has “less graphics.” It also has an official, well made English translation (where the SNES version’s is an at times questionable fan translation) that avoids the sometimes pinched monster & item names in the DW 1&2 release on GBC, and some extra bonus features with the monster medals and extra postgame stuff if you really want to go crazy.

As for the mobile verison, I’m not fond of the graphical changes they’ve made there, and the controls, while workable, are not as good as using a proper d-pad and buttons.

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Thanks for the quick response!

Looking at a comparison image, it seems like the view is less cramped versus 1&2 in the world map. Would you say you’re less likely to be lost in the world map in 3 GBC? I ran into some issues with the small field of view in 1 before I was familiar with the map layout.

I don’t recall running into any problems with getting lost, but I think this game tends to do a better job directing you from one place to the next via geogrpahy (mountains and water) than the first and second games in the series.

Beyond that over time I’ve developed a tendency to refer to a full world map png while playing most Dragon Quest games as it tends to give a better view of the regional context than anything in game does.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll keep a world map in a bookmark in case I get lost.

Interesting that they basically have north and south America in there, as well as Australia and Africa (sort of)