Who is Getting Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

I am, suprisingly, excited for this game even though Smash 4, while fun on both 3DS and Wii U, didn’t quite do it for me long term. I probably played about 30-50 hours tops between both versions. Melee and the original, on the other hand, probably took +1,000 hours of my youth in total.

For some reason though, I think this game is going to have really good gameplay “flow” for lack of a better word. And, suprisingly, I’m feeling the hype for it. Unfortunately, I’m traveling out of town and want the phyiscal version, so I won’t be able to join in on the fun until Sunday evening at the earliest, but I’m excited for the release.

Who’s picking it up? And what controller do you plan on using? I’m using a GCN controller + the Wii U adapter I have from last gen.

I am, but gotta finish up Pokemans and then Katamari remaster before I even get started on it. I’m most excited for the single player stuff though so it doesn’t really matter when I start.

Smash, to me, is like Mario Kart. I’ll just play it between my single player games throughout the generation (or longer). I hope the single player stuff is cool. I haven’t been following it too closely.

That is surprisingly accurate for me as well, in that I will play though the single player stuff and enjoy it thoroughly while ignoring online play completely other then one or two random matches when I’m bored.

Both series have a strong nostalgia for me for in person multiplayer so will do that with friends/at parties but just have no interest at all in online stuff.

I have never played much Smash but I’m interested in this. The thousands of little nods to classic gaming history and a single player mode are enough to get me in the door. Not sure I’ll stick with it long term but we’ll see.

I’m picking this up. I got the digital version since Smash Bros always seems to stay glued in my Nintendo consoles. I hate swapping discs.

Can’t wait to try out Pirahna Plant and the Belmonts!

For controllers, I’m using my GC adapter and the Wavebird. Theres a wireless GC controller that was made for the Switch. I might check that out too.

I’m getting it on Friday and having a bunch of friends over for a launch party. I hate to be " that guy" but I’m sure it won’t replace melee for me as my go to smash game but I know I’ll really enjoy it for the first month or so and get my months worth and then some !

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Mine will be here Friday and we’ll play the hell out of it. Smash is probably our most played game on Gamecube, Wii and Wii U. I expect no less from this one. We have to get all the characters unlocked asap so we can practice for Season’s Beatings, our fighting game tournament we have between Christmas and New Year.

We’ll use Gamecube controllers exclusively with the four player adapter from the Wii U.

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Nothing could replace Melee just like nothing could replace the Street Fighter II games. They’re standards for a reason. But that doesn’t mean this new thing can’t be cool in its own way.

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Pretty grim title lol. But sounds fun.

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I think I posted a video somewhere here. Three different fighting games. All kids between 16-20. Last year it was Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, Nidhogg and Smash for Wii U. This year it’ll be Smash Ultimate of course, Marvel (they love it for the characters), and probably Windjammers. I would have preferred Soul Calibur VI over Marvel, but it’s hard to get broke high school and college kids into a new expensive game. Everyone’s invested in Switch and Smash, though.

It’s a Cereal Bowl event. Entry fee is bringing a box of cereal. I have milk on hand, bowls and spoons. Crazy cereals welcome. That serves as the food til we do pizza around dinner time. :slight_smile:

It’s become a pretty big deal for the kids. I’m looking forward to this year’s event!

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Sup, that guy?

I’ll be picking it up Friday. I have a bunch of GameCube controllers but I think I may be playing it mostly in portable mode. But when playing on the tv I’ll use a GC controller.

I couldn’t agree more. I hope the controls on Ultimate are just as tight.

I’m getting it. My most played Smash was Melee, followed by 64, 3DS (less so Wii U – I was kind of over it by the time it rolled around) and barely touched Brawl. This one may be near the top for me.

I’ve been watching videos of my main to get a little hyped. Some surprising stuff I never even thought to try! If can get half this good…

I have no confidence in the online and for local MP play I don’t really need my own cartridge so this lives and dies based on how good the SP is. Luckily it’s supposed to be pretty good.

We had 8 people over last night and had a ton of fun. I took the day off work to try and unlock all the characters before everyone arrived and I failed miserably. There’s a ton of “meat” to the single player and I find the Spirits mode to be a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to completing it instead of just grinding it out for the unlocks.

How’s the combat compared to previous games in the series?

Kids had people over to play last night and we’re still only at 40 characters. !! There is definitely a lot to do here.

It plays faster than Wii U but not as fast as Melee. It seems really tight. I feel like the responsiveness of the characters is even better than Wii U. I’m more in control of every input which maybe means I am just better at Smash in 2018 than I was when Wii U arrived? Either way, the speed is great.

This is a very complete game which is great to see to close 2018 for Nintendo Switch. It has that polish we got with Breath of the Wild, Arms, Mario Kart, Super Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in year one. That feel of a finished game that might need a tweak for balance, but not for anything else.

Im still on the fence. I enjoyed the WiiU version enough for it to peak my interest, but I have so many other games i want to get through. If I do pick it up, it’ll probably be digital for convenience. A game like this I only play for about 20-30 minutes.

It feels like a hybrid of 4 and melee but it “feels” like 4 if that makes sense.

There’s a lot less end frames/landing lag on moves, almost like when you L cancel in Melee. This really helps speed the game up.

Hits and throws have too much knockback IMO. It’s very hard to combo moves or combo out of a throw.

Air dodging is still a problem. I fucking hate air dodges.

On the topic of air dodges they can be used for wavelanding now but not wavedashing. I don’t know if anything will come out of this as overall it doesn’t seem like a very good option compared to melee.

The changes to rolling are very welcome. If you spam rolls each roll becomes slower then the last. I was playing some games online and blew some people up thanks to this.

Overall it’s a faster, more offensive version of smash 4 but it lacks the beautiful “flow” of melee

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