Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - I'm hyped to the moon!

OK. So, to be honest, I tend to not really get excited for video games these days. I am not sure why exactly, but I just tend to be rather ambivalent in a way that I didn’t use to be. However, with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, I’m very excited for it, probably the most excited I’ve been for a new game release in years. Some fo the reasons for my excitement:

  1. The entire roster being included
  2. A huge selection of stages and music
  3. The return of a proper Classic mode
  4. Possibly a story mode(?)

These factors just make me ecstatic to play this game when it releases on December 7th. Are there any other people here hyped for it like me? If so I’d like to get your Switch Friend Codes so we can play once it’s out!

I can’t say I’m super hyped for it, and I think I may regret it through no fault of the game, but I pre-ordered it. It’s just such a tremendous package of a game that I felt compelled to jump in. I do like Smash, but my friends only play 64 Smash really so I tend to drop newer Smash games fairly quickly.

Hoping with this one I can play with some RGB folk and keep interest levels up.

I’m pretty excited for it.

I put a good amount of time into Smash 4 3DS but I found the DLC arrangement/cost/update process for it and the Wii U version to be annoying. I bought a couple, in one instance didn’t redeem the DLC for one of the versions, and could not be bothered to purchase the rest because I had stopped caring eventually. This was not helped by separately losing my save data in both versions.

I like that this game includes everything and then some. The portability factor is huge because I really didn’t spend much time with the Wii U game.

I preordered it because it was $50 CAD (~$38 US) and couldn’t say no.

I’ll start out by saying im a competative melee/64 guy and from a competative standpoint I really disliked brawl and wiiu. They are making some positive changes to ultimate but I can’t see it being a game I want to play and watch at a competative level. I hope it proves me wrong! High level Wiiu is hands down the most boring competative game I’ve EVER watched.

That said I too am hyped for the moon for Ultimate. That reveal for Simon and RIchter had me shaking it was so well done! It looks like alot of the single player stuff is returning and apparently most of the characters will require unlocks so there should be a good amount of stuf to playthrough.

I’m sure we will have alot of fun with my local friend group just as we did with Wiiu. 8 player was absolute mayhem! I really want to try and take this game casually and just accept it for what it is and that’s the ultimate love letter to video games.

Oh and I’ll take those CastleVania tracks NOW please!

To me, the series was best with the original and Melee. Brawl was bad, and 3DS/Wii U was a step in the right direction, but didn’t go far enough to rope me in long term like the first two games did (I still play them to this day).

That said, it’s a new Smash Bros. And I’ll be there on day 1 to play it.