Who would like to be a mod?

Please sign up in this thread. We will only appoint as mods the people we know best at first, but eventually, you can become one with good post history.


Hey Admin, as discussed, I would be happy to throw my name into the ring!

My post is now 20 characters.

I’m absolutely up for the task

I sent you an admin invite by mistake. I just meant to make you a mod. Could you ignore that email please?

(That was directed to Yawny).

Still getting used to this thing

No worries, I didn’t get any message yet but I won’t accept :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, duh. I mean, the fuck you think?

I’ll give it a shot

Hi Mr Peltz. I would like to be a moderator of this fine forum.

Sure, I’ll sign up.

Hi all, Mod applications are closed for now. We may open up for more mods in the coming days/weeks.