Would anyone like to start a retro podcast?

We’ve done a couple of test run podcasts for RGB (I was even on one!), but things didn’t end up working out. However, I still like the idea of recording one and I think it’s a good niche to fill because there aren’t too many retro game podcasts that I know of.

Feel free to throw your hat in the ring if you’re willing to produce/edit and/or if you would like to participate as a host :slight_smile:

If you’re only interested in listening to the podcast, please post your support here to prove that it’s worth doing!!!


hi balb

As I said in private, I really like the idea of having a RGB “World” podcast where we could get together a bunch of people from different regions for more balanced discussion of our past time from varying “back in the day” perspectives.

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I would give it a listen :heart:

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I’m tentatively interested. At least, I have a mic and mixer and software and everything. I lack time though and would need strict todo lists to keep me focussed.

I’d listen to it. Was just thinking the other day that I would love to sub to more retrogaming-related podcasts.

I’d listen, sure.

Anyone have ideas for starting topics?

I would love to take part as a host. Start with the topic of Backwards Compatibility.

Sorry everyone, had some personal issues to deal with over the past few months but am now back on board with starting a podcast. We’re still in the phase where we need people who are interested in being on the podcast to let me know. If you’ve shown interest by replying above, please post again as it’s been a while. Cheers :slight_smile:

Edit: Looking for two people willing to be permanent hosts (preferably one with editing skills? Definitely not a requirement) as well as people who would be interested in being guests!

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I’d be interested in popping on as a guest :slightly_smiling_face:

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My response above still holds.

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I could certainly come on as a guest. I’ve got two years as a manager at Electronics Boutique in 93-94, three years in video rental retail, and then about eight years as a freelance writer for two print magazines and a few websites. I lived a lot of retro. :slight_smile:


I would be interested in helping hosting (depending on needs of curse). Sure I’m a new unknown entity, but I did sign up to the RGB to reply to this thread. I’ve been trying to get a friend to do a podcast with me for years but he’s all excuses, excuses.

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Would definitely listen. :+1:

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I’d definitely listen to it!

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Is anybody else on Clubhouse app?

It’s like a social conference call app. Given the format of most podcasts I think it would work well as a platform to host a podcast.

We could all decide on a game/topic and a date/time and just login and chat about it. More freeform than a podcast. Fresh.

Any thoughts?

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I think it’s a great idea!

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What’s the difference between Clubhouse and using something like jitsi? Just curious! Sounds like a good idea either way to casually host some drop-in sessions.

Sounds good, and thanks for keeping interest alive in the podcast :slight_smile:

I don’t currently have access to clubhouse though. Can anyone send me an invite?