Would anyone like to start a retro podcast?

We’ve done a couple of test run podcasts for RGB (I was even on one!), but things didn’t end up working out. However, I still like the idea of recording one and I think it’s a good niche to fill because there aren’t too many retro game podcasts that I know of.

Feel free to throw your hat in the ring if you’re willing to produce/edit and/or if you would like to participate as a host :slight_smile:

If you’re only interested in listening to the podcast, please post your support here to prove that it’s worth doing!!!


hi balb

As I said in private, I really like the idea of having a RGB “World” podcast where we could get together a bunch of people from different regions for more balanced discussion of our past time from varying “back in the day” perspectives.

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I would give it a listen :heart:

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I’m tentatively interested. At least, I have a mic and mixer and software and everything. I lack time though and would need strict todo lists to keep me focussed.

I’d listen to it. Was just thinking the other day that I would love to sub to more retrogaming-related podcasts.

I’d listen, sure.

Anyone have ideas for starting topics?

I would love to take part as a host. Start with the topic of Backwards Compatibility.