Wii U Appreciation and Collecting Thread

Yeh I love the rounded disc edges!

I’ve got a serious soft spot for the Wii U. Glad it has a thread :slight_smile:

Great underappreciated system. For someone like me WiiU was just a lovely system to use. I don’t care about portability, the GamePad is a comfortable controller imo, but most importantly: the games were fuckin’ sweet.

I just love using the system. It could be a bit faster in terms of UI, but it had a wonderful vibe to it all, from the music in the background to the overall style of the menus; it all exudes fun.

I have just about all the games I want for the system (I’ll post pics later probably, time for bed right now) and really: it’s enough. More than enough to make it a worthwhile system that I’ll always look back on with fond memories.

My favourite thing about Wii U - runs both Wii and GameCube games (via hack) with full compatibility and HDMI output, making it absolutely awesome for backward compatibility! Got Super Monkey Ball loaded on and i’m super happy with it :slight_smile:

The WiiU is such a fantastic console and with homebrew it only gets better. Sure by todays standards the gamepad isn’t great but I still like it. It’s fantastic for VC games.

I got a ps4 and an xbone at launch and friends would ask which console I play the most and I would say WiiU. They would always think I was crazy!

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Well you are. No seriously, it’s a great system no doubt. I am debating if I should get a second Wii u for hacking or if it’s worth it to hack my unit. I’m sick of waiting for the HDMI mod for the GameCube. The Wii U actually got me into the Wii retroactively and I ended up playing and beating a lot of games I missed.

Rodea the Sky Soldier deserves a mention in this thread. The Wii U game sucks but it has the original Wii game bundled with it. That one is actually quite well made.

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is the secret best platformer since the SNES/Genesis area, 3d or otherwise. The whole game has such a great flow, and is a blast to play in two player. My wife is super good at 2D platformers, and nothing will replicate playing an extremely hard level, and the two of us being ON POINT with the platforming, especially considering many platforms disappear after being jumped on, so both players have to be super sharp.

Great music (DAVID WISE!), gorgeous graphics, and just the right amount of difficulty for platforming veterans, it’s one I kinda want to go back and replay right now.

Even just reading about it makes me want to replay it.

As great as Tropical Freeze is, I think they made the character a little too weighty. Even the previous game responds a bit better. Sonic Mania’s my pick for best 2d platformer since the 16-bit era.

There’s really no risk at this point to hacking your main WiiU. It’s pretty fool prood and Nintendo just doesn’t care to ban anyone.

This is something I love that I don’t see mentioned enough. Like the standard screen controller was the best thing for me to use, and I always hated the pro controller. The face buttons were too low on it and was hard for me to get use to when switching to it.

Do you have to use a hard drive or can it read the mini discs? I have a 25th anniversary Mario Wii hacked already. Tbh, I wouldn’t mind boxing that up if I could do all this via HDMI. Only thing I wonder would GameCube look better using component cables to my ossc or Wii U. I wasn’t happy with the upscaling the Wii U did of Wii games. I would force 480p half the time and I still wasn’t usually happy.

For gamecube? The WiiU can’t read the mini discs. Apparently that is a mechanical issue though. I still keep my Wii around for crt duty and ripping disks.

I think GC looks fantastic coming out of the WiiU. I did a big comparison here:

I don’t know about wii games though. I think using the ossc to give a faint scanline would provide the best image.

Recent advancements in the WiiU scene let you run gc/wii games right from WiiU mode and that let’s you play them on/with the gamepad!

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Wasn’t aware you can launch from Wii U side now, that’s awesome!

Can you play Gamecube games with the Wii U Pro Controllers?

Yep. With nintendont you can play gamecube games with pretty much any controller you can think of

Ok, that’s neat. I need to try Timesplitters to see if it can handle 4 wii u pro at the same time.

Last day of Miiverse is today!

Wait, seriously? It’s disappearing?

That’s honestly very upsetting.

yup! There’s an initiative to save everyone’s miiverse content