Wiimmfi — online play for Wii and DS games is back!

That’s cool! Wonder if the music is stored on the system or downloaded from the server. I get the impression it’s the latter with the Wii U and 3DS, at least?

I can’t connect to Wiimmfi servers using my 3DS. I followed the instructions using the system settings on the connection I use. I think I might need homebrew going from the gbatemp thread?

are you getting an error?


This all works, so you must have missed a step or done something wrong. Let’s try to troubleshoot.

I think it was a generic connection error, thanks for the link, I’ll try and troubleshoot the next time I’ve got my 3DS handy! I definitely entered the manual DNS settings correctly, at least.

Amazing - it works! I love this kind of stuff. Thanks for the updated exploit info, so much simpler now.

Update: Played some online Tetris DS and it was great!

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I’ve added a link in the OP to the “what’s on” list of games being played online right now (which also shows how many people are playing)

Buonasera a tutti, qualcuno mi potrebbe dare una guida per giocare online a mario kart ds e a mario kart wii, entrambi con wiimmfi, perché non ho capito bene come si fa. Grazie.

Qualcuno sa anche come riattivare i canali wii e quelli nintendo ds?

Check this guide: https://wii.guide/wiimmfi.html

Click “How to Connect” at https://rc24.xyz

Further help, probably in your native language, is available from the RiiConnect Discord: https://discord.gg/b4Y7jfD

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Friend codes for me:

Mario Kart Wii


GTI Club: Supermini Festa

We can create a thread for these if there’s enough demand.

The ExciteBots Discord https://discord.gg/hMrWqqy has the capability of notifying you when people are online, which is great.

For that and all other games you can also use the Wiimmfi Notifier (via Discord or Telegram) https://gbatemp.net/threads/introducing-the-wiimmfi-notifier.546926/

Played ExciteBots just now Vs some USA and Canadian folks.

Held my own!

Need to learn the courses though. According to my save I didn’t play it seriously back in the day, nowhere near completion.

Tonight at 4PM EST there’s a big ExciteBots online session, organised by RiiConnect24 in cooperation with TGC ExciteBots Discord.

It’s looking like there will be a new record set for number of players online. Can’t wait!

I feel like another game that should be supported is transformers decepticons ds

You can request it here: https://forum.wii-homebrew.com/index.php/Thread/51700-Multi-Game-Support/

In other news it is now very easy to get online for a bunch of games. All you need to do is use the Wiimmfi DNS patch which is as easy as entering a custom DNS in your Wii/DS network settings.


For other games you will still need to mod your Wii or use a flash cart on FS to be able to use a loader that will patch your game on launch. No need to patch games permanently tho.