"Winter" Games?

1080 is without doubt the winter sports game I have played the most, by a mile. Phenomenal game. Really wish Nintendo still made arcade racers of so many sorts.

Trick mode was played to death at my college.

Possibly best N64 soundtrack too?

This is a test
This is only a test
This station is conducting a test of the emergency broadcast system.

But what are the title screen lyrics?

Why the heck didn’t I mention 1080 earlier??? I even got it as a Christmas present and had fond memories of playing it then, the warm atmosphere in the cabin at the start just reminds me of wrapping up warm in the winter days, and that’s before you get to playing the game itself!

Reminds me of Wario Land 4’s title screen lyrics being undecipherable for decades until someone found the original high quality samples - ruined!


Original samples:


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My vote goes for MGS1 (smirks)

On a serious note though Amped 2 is a fave of mine. It was so relaxing to play

I don’t think I have any good examples. I like the snow levels in 3D Mario games though. They always feel very Christmassy

Christmas NiGHTS is the best. Such a cosy little game.

Another Christmassy game I enjoyed back in the day is James Pond 2: Codename Robocod.


Work your body
Work your body

Amped 2 is my favourite snowboarding game hands down. When I sold my OG Xbox earlier this year it was the only game I kept just in case it got added to backwards compatibility later on.

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I’m away from home at the moment, missing my Winter gaming sessions with my friends.

So I made a curling game. Runs very tall on my portrait monitor.

expanded my winter games list over the years!

shemue 1 - if you’re eve inclined towards a replay, it’s a great holiday vibe

miles morales: spider-man - it’s really great that this game doesn’t drag like some AAA titles, fun traversing the world & xmas setting going too

stardew valley - i lose way too much time in these animal crossing types, but ill be damned if they don’t do a good autumn/winter

die hard trilogy - it’s christmas time

zelda 64- i finished mine when home the last time during college, kinda feels cozy for me

blue stinger - i have honestly not played through this one, but i’m told it’s also a winter setting! D2 likewise seemed this way, at a glance

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