Xbox 360 recommendations

I’ve been considering an E to play all the third party games which run better on 360 with none of the horrible Quincunx. Like RE5, IQ is just so bad on PS3.

I’d really love a definitive list of which console has the better version. Like I believe Vanquish is one of the big ones better on PS3, almost everything else 360?

I had hopes people would discuss that sort of thing in my poor, neglected PS3/360 OT.

In general though you shouldn’t worry about it too much. Most games were very, very similar on both platforms with extremely minor differences, especially after an entirely arbitrary date of 2009 due to early PS3 games being a bit of a mess. More importantly which controller do you like better?

Played it in glorious seventy-five frames per second myself!

Vanquish would run well on any decent PC today, but yeah, a gaming PC is definitely worth it.

Oh god…I’m so glad I waited until the PC version came out!

Google “digital foundry face-off [name of the game]” [they’ve been around since 2007 and used to “face-off” articles that had a lot of games compared at once]. Not completely exhaustive, but p. much every AAA and most mid-tier western and Japanese games worth mentioning should be accounted for.

I’d have to disagree on that. RE5 and Red Dead Redemption for example are much worse on PS3 IMO. IQ is terrible.

Red Dead Redemption is sub HD on PS3 while 720p on 360 with better AA as well!

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There are certainly some games with big differences worth caring about but pulling a game out of the air and looking it up (Batman Arkham City) reveals a nearly idential look with only somewhat lower framerate drops on PS3 in busy scenes.

I think it’s more about what games are better on 360/PS3 than they are on PC after all this time because so little of that era’s non-exclusive games are stuck on those consoles at all. The PC versions are almost always definitive. Metal Gear Rising is another example of that.

It’s really best to just consider the exclusives unless you have a really poorly performing PC. My 2009 Dell Core i7 with a GTX970 runs these games at super high framerates. If I put them on my Alienware Aurora which is seven years newer, it’s just plain overkill for the games of that era.

I don’t play PC, haven’t since the early 2000s. I don’t have a desk or any suitable area set up for one. My single computer is a 12" Macbook.

Unless someone makes a very cheap, small, quiet, pre-built HTPC pre-configured for such a purpose that’s just not an option for me.

An Alienware Alpha (which I also have) would do just what you need.

Vanquish is similar on PS3 and Xbox 360 but I give the edge to 360. It lacks V-Sync so has screen tearing, but scales to 1080p at the hardware level so there’s less input lag and the controller is better for FPS games.

Weird, almost every other comparison says the PA3 version is clearly better? And 1080p, huh? Oh the 360’s scaler chip?

Yes. Scaler chip.

Most of what I can think of are either Namco stuff (Ridge Racer 6, Ace Combat 6, Beautiful Katamari, Tales of Vesperia), shmups, or XBLA games. Do check out Treasure’s stuff on XBLA, particularly Guardian Heroes’s reimagining and Bangai-O Missile Fury.

Sega also released Virtual-On Force and Virtual-On: Ontario Tangram on Xbox 360, with the latter playable on Xbox One.

Some earlier games are worth checking out too, like BugBear’s FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage and the best versions of the first Test Drive: Unlimited and Burnout Revenge.

And with BC there is new forced vsync as well

I really like Lost Planet.

Speaking of third person shooters, Binary Domain is great, and underappreciated. Unlikely to make it to BC, though I wish it would as the PC version is still buggy.