Xbox One BC |OT| I'll be back


I wonder why Bangai-O Missile Fury still hasn’t made it to BC. Just realised it’s the only Treasure game (I think) that’s missing: Ikaruga, Radiant Silvergun and the Guardian Heroes remake have been available for some time now.


Probably a matter of time.

P.S. Missile Fury is bonkers. I didn’t get far in it, but I remember the control scheme being very complicated. I really need to pick it back up.


Just announced at the Xbox event in Mexico - all three FFXIII games added to BC and are Xbox One X enhanced.

I skipped FFXIII at launch in favour of Resonance of Fate and Tales of Vesperia, but I’ve always wanted to try Lightning Returns which seemed like the most distinctive game of the bunch. Guess I now have no excuse not to…


Or, or you could play the remastered Resonance of Fate and Tales of Vesperia. Make the right choice twice regarding these exact games. :3


Not a fan of Lightning Returns then? It seems mechanically interesting, so I’m all for trying it.

As for Resonance of Fate, I’m waiting for it to hit Xbox One BC so I can carry over my 30 hour save. Picking up Vesperia again on Switch, finished it already on 360 though. I hope it warrants a replay…


Na I’m just being an ass. Even though it seemed like it was a better game I just wanted nothing more to do with the series after the first two games so I didn’t even play it.


The first FFXIII has also had it’d badly compressed 576p cutscnes replaced with 1080p original ones, thus making the 4K enhanced version on BC on X the best console version to date!


Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Sonic Unleashed and Aliens vs Predator ar noew BC:

Really happy about the Reckoning, it’s a great RPG.


@BTails will be so excited to see Sonic unleashed on there so he can 100% it


Nah, not janky enough. Wake me when Sonic 06 goes back compat.


When are they going to add Earth Defence Force 4 to backwards compatability? That game is crying out to be added since it drops to single figure fps on the 360 when things go ape shit crazy in two player mode.


The PS2 version of ZOE2 is vastly superior to the 360 one. It holds its frame rate far better, which is way more important than any graphical enhancement.


Games that drop a lot of frames last gen are the best to get on the BC program, it may make them more stable and reach the framerate they were meant to run in.


Yep, that’s why EDF4 should be on back compat.


New games went BC yesterday, and they are on sale this week. So if they interest you, go over to and purchase them.


Was The Darkness any better on the 360? I have the ps3 version iirc.


It ran at a higher res and had AA unlike the PS3 version.


Drat, was hoping I could be happy with what I had.


The BC team is taking a well deserved break! Hoping for more OG Xbox games and 4K enhancements next year.

This years best BC present has to be FF13 that got put up to 4K and got it’s grainy CGI cutscenes swapped out for the BC program!


Awesome that they put these on sale when they hit the BC list. Amazing that they’ve done 550 games. Well done.