Xbox One BC |OT| I'll be back


Yep, agreed. And hardware manufacturers all seem to be on the same page now. PS3 is the only HD console that does not have a built in proper scaler. And most TV scalers are still a bit slow, so PS3 games tend to feel laggy on some screens,

Xbox 360 was much more forward thinking in this regard even though it’s capped at 1080p.

What we really need now is a nice 4k upscaling device that can quickly handle all non-4k HD resolutions without much lag.


Yeah that would be nice, I do believe gaming monitors that support 4K have very little input lag added regardless of lower resolutions though. For TV’s there’s a whole other story.


I like backwards compat, though I wish it’d be faster to get into the games. It reminds me of playing DS or GBA games natively on 3DS - there’s a lengthy wait after launching the game, followed by the Xbox 360 boot animation, that’s almost equivalent to switching on that system.

My favourite thing about BC is the Xbox team’s commitment to picking games regardless of whether they’ll generate income in the future for the publishers. Forza Horizon is probably the most high profile example of this - the game got removed from sale on the Xbox store due to expiring car/music licenses(?), yet the team put in work to make it playable via old out of print disc, with a later patch that enabled high resolution support. Impressive.

Still waiting for more Cave shmups, El Shaddai, and Resonance of Fate to make the compatibility list…


Every Call of Duty and Assassins Creed game is now available on the Xbox One family, much thanks to backwards compatibility. It’s a nice though to have two huge series collected in one place.


rumble roses and zone of the Enders are now backwards compatible. I picked up cheap copies of each.


I’ve always wondered about Zone of Enders. Now is a good time to grab a copy.


Be aware that ZOE1 is the best version on 360 to get right now, but ZOE2 on 360 has issues that were never patched. What I’ve heard at least.


Maybe X1-X1X would improve the performance of ZOE2.


How does it compare to the ps2 versions


Sadly as it stands with only the PS3 recieving a patch for Zoe2:

Definitive edition of Zoe1: 360
Definitive edition of Zoe2: PS3

However Zoe2 on 360 will most likely run better than on a PS2 and with way better video output.


Well ps4 has the new remastered version of 2. That being said I think the 360 version is honestly good enough for how basic the game looks


Groan. PS4 appears to be getting a port of Resonance of Fate, meanwhile I’m waiting for the original to hit BC so old saves are compatible…never did finish RoF.


MGS2 and 3 went BC today!


Guess I have to get that version now!


Yup, it’s been a while since I bought anything Metal Gear related… Guess I’ll have to get this too.


This is hugeeee. It’s just a shame they didn’t pick it for x enhancements. Would have been freaking amazing to see it rendered at near 4K. The assets would look even more low poly at that res though haha.


Haha true. At least it’s native 720p which scales better to 4K, than sub 720p resolutions. 60fps too, should make it look quite sharp. The 360 version was already the best performing of the HD collection on PS3 and 360, the XB1 and X should lock that 60fps right down.


Xbox Deal at GameStop that stacks. If you buy red dead 2 with a new Xbox one X (no bundle Xbox) you get it for -$100. It stacks with the promo right now trading in your S for $250 or launch Xbox for $200 maybe. You can also trade in PS4 for extra too. I paid $150+tax for my X.


Hunh… so even with an OG One I’d get $300 off an X? That’s actually not too bad.


Been playing Red Dead Redemption for the first time on my Xbox One X, it looks phenomenal at 4k. Also just picked up RDR2, which Digital Foundry raved about, particularly the X version.