Xbox One BC |OT| I'll be back


Virtual machines basically. Been around for quite a few years now on PC and in server infrastructure. Basically you have the hardware level running a operating system that runs small virtual machines that share the hardware and can replicate what the virtual machine needs in terms of running an application or operating system within it.

Virtual machines have been used on client PC’s to replicate old windows versions or running a Linux operating system within a Windows PC for example.

So in the Xbox One system family the virtual machine is replicating a 360 spec and running it’s operating system installed, or a Xbox OG for that matter. A virtual machine can be a generic setup that replicates best the console it features and games should be able to just be placed inside and ran like they did on the original hardware.

However Xbox games have since Xbox OG ran on a Direct X standard, which separates certain aspects from the operating system level and sends it directly towards the hardware. Resolution, AA, AF and such are good examples. So if the hardware allows it (clearly the Xbox One X does) you can boost resolution and AF outside of what the actual game was intended for on a hardware level. As such boosting these games hopefully becomes available for most 360 games over time, although you’ll always run into cases where they’ll run into bugs etc and cannot do it.


All 360 and og games get a base resolution upgrade +AA and a few other visual effects along with holding their target framerate.

In the case of "xbox one x enhanced " games like gears 3 or oblivion they’ve actually gone back into the games code and made changes. This obviously has to be done on a game by game basis.


They have gone into the code? That’s kinda a shame, I’d hoped they’d made this happen without doing so.


I’m trying to find where I saw/heard that. I’m pretty sure it was a DF video. In oblivions case apparently the high resolution assets were included in the 360 release but they weren’t able to enable them, untill now.

This video does a good job of showcasing the changes but I’d advise muting it lol.


Dem annoying voices, lol. But they seem to discuss what I’m seeing here too: I think it’s just the insane resolution bump and AF that makes it look better. Textures are the same, but with such enhancements it looks that much better. I really doubt they have gone into old code, it would just stir up a nasty new set of bugs and fixing if they mess things up.


Bah I can’t find it but I definitely remember someone saying something about them being able to go back into the old code. Maybe it was an interview with Phil.


Yeah, I’m really looking forward to trying out some old Xbox and 360 games on the X when I pick it up later today. It’d be amazing to see some more resolution bumps for old 360 games, especially ones that never got a PC release. Red Dead Redemption comes to mind.


So, just to be clear, does EVERY Xbox 360 game run on it?

You guys are making me want to part with my cash. I’m contemplating getting the X today.

Who am I kidding? My wallet is totally fucked. I’m getting this thing :sob:

Microsoft’s focus on hardware rather than software is actually working on me. Damn.


I know the feeling, you’re not alone. :hear_no_evil:

To your question, it’s not every single game released on the 360, but instead only those that you can see in this list (which ain’t short by any means).


I should buy Sonic Adventure… I think it’s only $5.


Tony hawk 5 is on sale. You should grab that too


I see what you did there.


Is the first Dark Souls compatible? I found it borderline unplayable in certain areas. I wonder whether it would be greatly improved on the X.


It’s compatible but I don’t have any first hand impressions how it runs. It should be great on the X


Oh man!!! Someone post impressions soon


So if you buy the Xbox One X you can get an elite for $50 off. Soooooooo…

I was busy downloading and transferring games last night but I’m very excited to play more with my X. I had huge buyers remorse last night but today seeing games that are actually enhanced I was very impressed. Also try OG Xbox games. Kotor looked so much better than it did on my S.


Elite controller is cool. I have one for my PC.

My only complaint about it is that the triggers take a lot of force to press. When I was playing Owlboy, that wore my hand the fuck out.


A bit OT I guess, but I figured it’s the best place to ask.

Is there any good 4K/HDR gaming monitor out there yet? Due to space constraints, I can’t fit a big ass TV in my setup, at the moment, but I could easily swap one of the two monitors (24/27") I’m currently using.

I’m asking this because I believe it doesn’t make much sense to get an X and then hooking it up to a 1080p display.


My knowledge of PC monitors is limited sorry. I do think there’s little on the market with HDR though.


As for more BC talk, I tested a couple of none X enhanced BC 360 games yesterday. The added 16xAf really helps the textures look much cleaner and they don’t go muddy into the distance!