Xbox One BC |OT| I'll be back


As ‘non X enhanced BC 360 games’ you mean regular ones that are in the BC list, but didn’t get the lifting we’ve seen in Gears 3 and the first Assassin’s Creed, and only benefit from the geneal improvements we all know about?


Exactly! BC games that work on regular Xbox One and Xbox One S!


That’s awesome. I love how it almost opens up to a complete rediscover of our old XBox/X360 collections. Sure it isn’t 100% BC - and digital licence bullshit will keep some notable XBLA gems out of the game right off the bat - but it’s super exciting nonetheless.

Speaking of BC, is there a list of Japanese only titles that are backwards-compatible? If so, it would be cool to test some non region free X360 shmups. Should they work fine on X, it would be really hard to not go out today to buy one, my goodness.


How big of a tv can you fit in your space? TV’s are the way to go for hdr/4k. If you can fit a 43" my Sony 800d isn’t bad at all.


I’ll keep that in mind, then. Thanks!
For now, it’s just not possible, but I’ll be moving in a few months, so I’ll rearrange my gaming space accordingly in the new place.


I just want to say, HDR is the real upgrade! 4k is nice but don’t get impatient and buy a monitor without hdr! It makes such a difference.


I’d totally go for downscaling - when possible - over native 4K. But HDR at this point is essential.


To me there is no point for 4K (it’s nice but 2K would have worked too). HDR is why I became a console gamer again. The colors make up for lost fidelity. Hopefully the Xbox One X will herald in more 60fps games too. I love the option to reduce settings to get my 60 fps that I miss from PC whilst still keeping HDR. I know I’m going to buy a new TV when freesync gets added and the new HDMI protocol gets updated so I can have full 4:4:4:4 RGB AND HDR instead of HDR w/ yuv 4:2:2.


I mean 4k kind of is 2k lol. I wish they didn’t switch the numbers around to make it sound better then it is.

I changed my X to output pc rgb and the difference is very noticeable! My tv supports it fortunately.


Yeah, if you turn on RGB you can’t run HDR. Sometimes, RGB > HDR. It took me weeks to months to dial in my HDR settings for my PS4 Pro. I feel like I know what I’m doing more now but Xbox names their options differently and provides somewhat more options.

All I know is the current spec for HDMI doesn’t allow RGB full gamut and HDR to run at the same time due to bandwidth. Your tv might support it but your cable does not.


Huh. When I run the insect demo there is a massive difference when turning hdr on so I’m positive it’s working. Gears 4 also has a divider you can use to see the difference


Xbox might be turning off RGB for HDR automatically.

I tested it last night and when you click on YUV 4:2:2:2 (which is what PS4 Pro uses when outputting HDR). They call it compatiblity mode If you disable that setting in the XBOX menu HDR turns off.

The RGB color space looks like what you think HDR is but if you don’t see HDR on your tv’s menu specifically stating HDR is active, it isn’t. HDR uses the YUV setting not RGB and washes out the color. You have to turn up your color on your tv setting to get the similar saturated look.

HDR confused the hell out of me for a long time. Some games look better with HDR and some don’t. I find the Pro is a lot easier to manage the two color spaces.

Edit. Also there is a huge difference between what HDR does depending on the developer. Horizon Zero Dawn looks amazing while I think Rachet and Clank at default color settings look like balls in 4K HDR. Once you pump up the color and fix the contrast a bit it looks really good.


Info like this is good to share, thanks for the tips Kawika!

I guess with a 4K TV that does indeed support RGB but not HDR I don’t needs that YUV 222 option on?


Huh I’m very confused by all this. I don’t have yuv 4.2.2 enabled (it’s off by default) but there is a noticeably huge difference between hdr on and off


Then its automatically reducing the color space. You probably have a Samsung right?


FYI I have a 10 bit panel that supports full RGB and HDR. When I use HDR it drops from 10 bit to 8 bit which limits the color space so HDR can work. There is a bandwidth limitation with the current spec of the cable. I am wondering if Samsung process 8 bit differently than my Sony does.

Like i said before, if I don’t allow the YUV color space HDR doesn’t turn turn on (if you press display it will show HDR in the menu). If there is no HDR active it just says 3840x2160p


Yeah. I think you’re right. It used to have a pop up that said “an hdr video is playing” but they took that out in a firmware update.


Kawika, don’t you have a Sony X800D? That’s what I use, and I find the easiest way to check whether the TV is in HDR is by clicking “Action Menu”, then “Picture Settings”. Once the picture settings box opens up, it’ll actually had an HDR flag at the top if it’s currently displaying.

Worked fine on my Xbox One X without messing with any settings. Tested it with UHD Blu-Ray and the Insects demo, both showed HDR fine, and looked great.


Thats what I am talking about. I know when HDR is on via that menu. I was trying to speak in general terms so someone without a Sony 4K can check on their set. I had a Samsung 4K before too and it worked just a hair different.


Oh man, I just tried insects. Color me impressed. Also now I want a robot lady bug.