Your non Retro Gaming hobbies/interests?

What do you all get into when not retro gaming or posting on this sweet board or the discord?

Though I haven’t been out in a while I enjoy hitting up one of the local paintball fields with the buddies. We just play recreationally and it’s a blast. If you have any fields around you I highly recommend giving it a shot. If you think you’re too old, trust me, you’re not. I see people of all ages at the field.

I had a small paintball gun collection going but sold down to just two. My c02 pistol, and my precious pump:

And the pistol because why not…

I used to paintball years ago! I recently got into airsoft and I have to say I prefer it over paintball. Where I live its definetly taken over the paintball market as well and a lot of fields have converted to airsoft only.

My hobbies outside of gaming are:

Weightlifting, mainly powerlifting
and Airosoft as mentioned above.

I seems to spend most of my time training these days. Between all the time spent with meal prep, stretching, research and the actual workouts themselves most of my free time through the week is burned up with that. My free time after that is usually divided up between wife time and gaming time.

Awesome! One of the fields we go to is open to both airsoft and paintball groups. The airsoft folks go hard with the sim look! Always decked out in cool gear. The sim/tactical stuff has grown in popularity in the paintball realm recently.

I used to lift back in H.S. but stopped. Just got back into it a few months ago at a proper gym. Really enjoying it. Progress is slow as I’m on a calorie deficit and am lifting to assist with weight loss, but that’s okay.

Every crowd seems to have their own look. Some guys go for the full on camo but since the fields here are mostly indoors and more modern my buddies and I go with the SWAT look. I’ve only been playing for a month but it’s been alot of fun. I’m going out tonight to play as well but today is heavy squat day…I’m not looking forward to this lol.

Good work getting back into it! Lifting on a deficit is tough, you just need to block out the idea that more weight means progress. If you’re getting a pump then you’re going good! I was the opposite, I got into lifting to get bigger because I was 6’4 and only 170lbs!

I’ve never played at an indoor field before. My favorite field out here is a woods ball one where virtually all the fields are situated out in the woods proper. I much prefer that setting to the cleared out spaces with the artificial towns, but those can certainly be fun as well.

And yeah it’s tough hitting a wall when you are lifting on a deficit, but as long as one is giving it all they got that’s what’s important.

How’s your progress been?

Well as you found out on friday, New002, I’m into jazz music. I go to a lot of the jazz clubs in my city, and also have a pretty killer CD collection. I’m also starting a Jazz record collection as soon as some more shelves I ordered come in (they have a space designated for it).

I’m also very into hiking.

Nothing really makes me feel more alive than being outside on a nice day in a mountain away from civilization.

I’m also into running, yoga, and do some charity work on the side.

Progress has been slow and steady. The heaviest I’ve been is 240 and right now I’m sitting at a much leaner 230. I’m at the point where clothes don’t fit. My shoulders and chest need a 2xl but then I’m swimming in my shirt in the waist area. Button ups have to be tailored and jeans don’t fit well anymore. I guess these are the annoyances I wanted lol.

I went from benching the bar to 260lbsx2
Deadlifts went from 50lbs to 460x2
squats went from not even being able to do one to 420x1

The last year I’ve been focusing more on improving mobility and hypertrophy so I havn’t been lifting heavy very often. I plan on ramping back into a strength routine this year and breaking 300 on the bench, 500 on the dead/squat.


Yes indeed! Thanks again for taking us to that club. The music was great!

We have a lot of wonderful hiking opportunities where I live and once it warms up some the wife and I will get back to it (hopefully).


That’s fantastic progress!! Since I haven’t lifted in years and am woefully out of shape I started with the bar as well. Doing Stronglifts 5x5…so Squats, Deadlifts, Overhead Press, Bench Press and Rows on rotation. Gets demanding quickly on a deficit, but I’m really enjoying the program. It also has a fantastic app.

Stronglifts 5x5 is fantastic. I did that for a bit and when I got bored/stalled I switched to Wendlers 5/3/1.

I was also terribly out of shape. I’ll never forget my very first time at the gym was with my dad and he put 100lbs on the bar and it came crashing down on my chest. I couldn’t even move it.

Everyone starts from nothing! It’s why I love lifting so much. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, popular or unpopular 500lbs is always 500lbs and you can never cheat that.

Haha your dad sounds like my brother when he started helping me lift back in H.S. 100lbs is no joke if you haven’t lifted before!

But yeah lifting is a blast. I go to a one-off local gym run by an ex-bodybuilder and it’s such a chill and awesome vibe. I shied away from the gym all my life since I was very self conscious. Worried what people would think as I’m throwing around none weight. But the reality is no one cares. People are just in there doing their own thing. As long as you’re not doing something dangerous no one’s paying you any mind.

" You should be able to lift at least 100lbs so start there" bang crash help!!!

The reality of it is everyone at the gym is far too interested in themselves to give a shit about you lol.

Hahaha basically yeah.

Look at all these healthy activities of you guys do! Opposite of ‘gamer’ stereotypes.

I do too many things to actually do all of.

I play in a band/make albums
Urban spelunking/adventuring (breaking into abandoned buildings etc)
Writing - maybe a novel this year, eep, Basically it looks like I can’t release an album this year so have decided to focus on writing.

I just started roller skating too, as a new thing for 2018. My plan is to replace my running cardio with it.

And as the exact opposite of @Socksfelloff I stay very lean, ~70 kilos (155lb) and I’m a hair under six foot tall.

I also lift. But I’m a big cyclist and reader. I’m also a big design guy—men’s fashion, art, architecture.

Cool! Are you in a design profession by any chance?

I don’t have as much time for hobbies as I used to but aside from games I like messing with hobby electronic projects as well as making gunpla models.

In the summer I like to ride my bike around the city. We’ve got a really great network of multi-use paths all around Ottawa, through urban/sub-urban/rural areas, and the ones up around the tourist areas a really great so I like to do 2-3 hour rides at least once a week.

Also in summer I’ve really taken to gardening. Last year I made a ton of food with a really small amount of space in my backyard, including tomatoes, zucchini, squash, cucumbers, leek, chard, kale, mizuna, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and beets. I also have some blueberry bushes, a couple strawberry bushes, and a small apple tree but this winter a bunny got into our yard and ATE almost all of them so I’m not sure how that’s going to do this spring. But I still plan on expanding to more than double my existing garden spaces and if neccesary re-doing some of my bushes.

Nope. I was a studio art major in college. I also love animation of all kinds, from classic Fleisher style, to modern day Pixar. My Avatar gives it away. I also enjoy cooking but have gotten lazy there lol.

Ya got me itching to watch some Fleischer Superman eps!

Ha! Dude!

I used to race cars too.

I used to be big into weight training. My freshman year in high school I made the 1,000 pound club. 290 bp, I think it was about 350-400 for the dead lift and squat. I really don’t remember because the only thing I cared about was benching 290 lbs (I weighed 180 at the time)

I also love anything involving a board but after I got road rash from downhill skating I quit skate boarding (even park skating). I don’t have time to snow board much but I still surf and surf with a stand up paddle board. Free diving was something I did before kids but there are far too many great whites off California coast anymore to want to dive like that anymore.

As you age your hobbies or time for them ends. I set up a bench and got some dumb bells and I hope to get back into weight training. Also I want to get into yoga as my doctor says it would help with all my broken bones and limbs and other injuries I received through the years.

Lastly, if I get back into weight training I’d love to get back into martial arts. They always went hand in hand after I broke my neck and could no longer play football. Thing is I want to do mixed martial arts and I’m afraid of someone torquing my neck.

I truly wish I had healing factor.

For the longest time I was lifting weights and working out pretty regularly, old age is catching up fast. I still do some cardio to keep things flowing and yoga. I like to cook and eat healthy, even if I’m not working out.

I like to draw, always have since 1st grade. Im not the best, but I think I’m pretty good. Regardless, I enjoy it. I find it relaxing. Occasionally I’ll put together some perler art just for the heck of it. Made a potted piranha plant from Super Mario 3 for my wife’s office window. A coworker liked it so much they paid me to do another, so that was cool.

My wife and I like to landscape and pretty much work outside. We’re always redesigning our flower beds, moving things around, expanding etc. For the past couple years we leased a community plot in town to grow vegetables and donated most of what we had grown. The lot was 20x20 do that was a lot of hard work. We’re are in a bigger house now so I’m not sure we’ll be able to pull that if this spring.

Overall I like to keep active. I’m not a TV/Movie guy, so any time in front of the TV is gaming.